4 Tips to Properly Care & Clean Your Windshield

One of the main goals of any driver or car owner is to have a clean and well-nurtured vehicle. When it comes to car maintenance, the biggest concern of any driver is, almost always, the car’s windshield.  Almost everyone had (or at least have heard about) the situation when you come to your car, for example, in winter morning, and the windshield is fully frozen, or, when you left your car parked beneath a tree with a lot of bird nests on it for some time, it usually takes you too much time to put your windshield in the “transparent”, driveable, normal condition, and prolong your time of set off to your destination.

In order to avoid these problems and possibly prevent being late at some important meeting or job, here are some solutions, that can solve windshield problems quickly or make some sustainable solutions for a longer period of time.

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Firstly, there can be two categories of when it comes to cleaning your windshield. The first ones are ones inside, and second is outside problems. We are going to describe both and give you some useful tips so that these issues don’t occur again.

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Proper Way of Cleaning

On the very start, one of the best methods to clean windshield is to learn a proper way of, let’s say, “ordinary” cleaning.

To have your windshield properly cleaned the first thing you need is to make a  good preparation, which means that you need to buy quality products: cleaning spray, 2 microfiber towels, windshield clay, and windshield wax.

First, spray your windshield with the cleaner, using “s” shape moves, but spray it only on the half of the windshield glass because it can evaporate during the time you get to the other half. After you spray your windshield glass, use circular moves with your towel, because that way you will remove more dirt. After this, spray your glass with normal water and then do the cleaning with your hand,  the advice here is to use lukewarm water, because it is the best for dirt removing, and it is also hand-friendly. Then, take a piece of a car clay, and rub your glass with it. If it gets stuck while rubbing, stop at that point and rub it with more caution, because that means there is dirt there and rub it until it doesn’t start moving smoothly over that point. Also, while doing this, don’t use sharp objects like steel kitchen wire, because it can scratch and eventually damage your windshield glass.

After, place wax on the glass, and smudge it over the whole surface of the windshield. After a few minutes, use your second microfiber towel, make it wet, and then remove the wax from the glass. The main difference that you will spot between this and the normal water shampoo cleaning is when it comes to raining or snowing, you will see that raindrops or ice don’t get stuck on your windshield, and also, that your wiper is doing a much better job than before.

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Proper Cleaning of the Inside Glass

For this type of cleaning, you will need two microfiber towels, rubbing alcohol and glass cleaning spray. The first recommendation is to clean your glass from the passenger’s seat because, if you’re doing this from the driver’s seat, the steering wheel will be constantly in the way. The next obstacle could be dashboard, more precisely, bottom of the glass could be quite hard to reach. To avoid this simply turn your arm that your palm is facing the top of the car and try to clean it in that way, it will be much easier to reach those areas.

Now to cleaning. First do a dry cleaning with your towel, using the circular movements, and after it uses up and down movement. Then use your rubbing alcohol, and rub it in the same way as you did with dry cleaning, but beware, if your towel falls on the dashboard, change it, because you will just smudge the dirt from the dashboard all over the glass. After you rubbed it with alcohol, take your cleaning spray, but be very careful – it is quite important not to spray it directly on the glass because small pieces of it will fall on the dashboard and eventually cause decolorization of it, so just spray it on the microfiber towel and then do the circular movement cleaning. After this, the inside of your windshield glass should be crystal clear.

Quick Ways to Remove Ice from the Glass

The most important thing to know in the beginning is that you mustn’t use your windshield wipers to remove the ice, because you will only destroy your wiper and scratch your windshield. Ice is harder than you may think.

The easier way to do this is with a plastic bag that’s filled with hot water. Just rub your windshield glass with it and the ice will disappear. But this method carries a risk with it since the water in the bag mustn’t be too hot because a big instant temperature change can cause a rupture or even break the glass and you should check your bag that it doesn’t have any holes on it because if hot water falls directly on the frozen glass, the effect could be the same as the one mentioned before.

The second way to do this is a bit more scientific. Mix alcohol vinegar with water in 3 to 1 proportion in favor of vinegar, carefully rub the mixture on the whole surface of the glass and the ice should melt. Beware, this method takes more time than the first one, so you should go earlier than you planned so you can make everything in time.

And if you’re in a place where you have neither the hot water nor vinegar, you can use ice scratcher. The advice about this is to use car’s engine heat in your favor, and to do that, just wait a little before you start to scratch so your engine can raise its temperature and then your scratching will be much easier and you will even avoid “hard scratching” for big ice pieces, which can cause glass damaging. If you even don’t have an ice scratcher, the best next thing to use for ice removing, in that case, is a plastic card, for example, credit card, etc…

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Quick Dirt Removing

To quickly remove dirt from your windshield glass people have managed to think of various ways of doing this with things such as vodka, coke, hair regenerator, ammonium… But the most simple and also proved quick methods are one with the wet wipes. If you have small dirt just take a wet wipe and rub it with circular movements. Alcohol in the wipe will help you in cleaning and it will be also evenly sprayed, so it won’t tear up and leave pieces on the glass. A second quick method is using a mixture of water and soda-bicarbonate. Just use ordinary tissue which you will sink in this mixture, and then with circular movements do the cleaning. For these methods, the most important thing to remember is that it can be used only in cases where the dirt isn’t too big.


The fact that windshield glass is the biggest surface on the car after the paint, is the crucial criterion in the maintenance prioritization. Your windshield glass should always be as clear as it can due to the first place, safety reasons, then also, to the aesthetic reasons. When it comes to windshield cleaning you should always think in the long term, with sustainable solutions, but if you are in hurry and need to start your car fast it’s always good to have a trick in your in order to make your car a bit more beautiful.


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