6 Best Rust Converters on The Market— Buying Guide

Rust is a problem that most metal tools encounter as they age. The traditional methods of rust removal and prevention usually do more harm than good. By vigorously stripping the rust out you weaken the underlying metal. Additionally, you do nothing to prevent the formation of new rust. With the old methods of rust control, you won’t be able to keep rust out entirely. Rust converters are the ideal solution for modern metallic tools.

Rust converters convert the rust instead of stripping it off. By doing this, they preserve the structure of the metal beneath. Also, they prevent any new rust from forming. Most rust converters also double up as surface primers. If you choose to use rust converters, your metal tool will look brand new with minimal effort and no damage to the underlying metal.

The best rust converter you can get in today’s market is the Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer, Rust Converter. It has a stable chemical formulation that swiftly converts rust. It also prevents more rust from forming and therefore provides added protection. You also get impressive coverage with this converter, one gallon can cover 200 square feet. The converter has a water base, and this helps immensely in the application phase. It spreads easily and dries out quickly.

Another powerful rust converter you can go for is the Rust Converter ULTRA. It works well on multiple types of surfaces, not just cars. As such, you can use it in many places where there are metallic tools. In addition to rust conversion, the product also acts as a primer. You can paint over it and have your surface looking brand new with little ease.

Many Choices Available

Regardless of your needs, you can find a rust converter for you. Rust converters cover a wide range of prices and quantities. In this article we are going to look at the best rust converters you can get, and you won’t need to go anywhere else.

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Converting rust is always much easier and more manageable than other rust inhibition methods. The Corroseal rust converter works by changing rust into an inactive state. In this state, rust cannot spread, and so your metal surfaces will be safe. Additionally, it also acts as a primer that can get your metal surfaces ready for painting.

You won’t spend hours applying the solution on your surfaces as it is easy to apply it. A gallon of the rust converter can cover up to 200 square feet of any surface you apply it on. Therefore, you can use a small amount of the solution for a large surface. The water-based formula also adds immensely to the ease of application. With this rust converter, you won’t resort to more aggressive rust control measures such as sandblasting. You get smoother surfaces and total elimination of rust from your cars and other metal surfaces.

Product Specifications

The Corroseal brand is under Rhodda Pint Company of Oregon which has been in existence since 1932.

You get one gallon of the product with every purchase with a weight of 10.1 pounds. The dimensions of the container are 12.3 x 5.7 x 5.6 inches, and the model number is 82231. If you need warranty information, you should call the customer care department after purchasing.

The chemical working of the product is corrosion inhibition through which your metal surfaces remain safe.

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You should go for this converter if you need a product that seals out moisture to prevent more corrosion. The converter gives you a safer and much more natural method of dealing with rust. Conventional processes such as sandblasting, and grinding are invasive and don’t prevent rust from reoccurring. As long as your metallic surface is non-porous, you can use just one gallon of the solution for up to 500 square metres. Therefore, you get good value for money and a product that you can use for a long time.

Another reason for choosing the Rust Converter ULTRA is that it covers several types of surfaces comfortably. Cars, of course, are the most prominent surfaces, but you can still use it for other surfaces. From railings to machinery, to marine structures, you can use the converter on all these. Also, it doesn’t matter what type of rust you are dealing with, it covers all with the same effectiveness.

Product Specifications

A container of the rust converter weighs 8 pounds, and it has dimensions of 11.5 x 6 x 6 inches. The model number is 13, and you have to call the manufacturers for warranty information after your purchase.

The product first went on sale in August 28, 2015, and the parent brand is FDC.

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You’ll love this rust remover from Permatex because you can either spread it or apply it manually. It destroys all forms of rust as opposed to some other products. Being able to convert all types of rust means you can use it on different surfaces. Within minutes of application, you’ll see rust turning into an inert black polymer. This polymer will not spread or affect the metal in any way.

The black coating that covers your surfaces also acts as a primer. It gets the metal surface ready for painting. You can, therefore, use the rust converter for surface preparation instead of spending more money on dedicated primers.

Another totally unique feature of the Permatex 81849-12PK Rust Treatment is that you can use it with fiberglass and body filler. Having such versatility in your products is always excellent. In summary, if you wish for a product that covers all the bases and then does a bit more choose this one. You’ll get unbeatable rust protection and conversion in addition to other extra features. The ability to also use the product as a primer makes it ideal.

Product Specifications

When you purchase the product, you get no extras. The shipping weight and product weight are therefore equal at 11.1 pounds. Permatex makes several rust converters, and the model number for this product is 81849-12PK. Its dimensions are 11 x 9 x 8 inches, and this makes it easy to carry it around.

The rust converter has been around for a long time as it first went on sale April 1, 2004. Warranty information is easily accessible when you make a purchase.

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Rust conversion is one of the best ways to handle corrosion. This rust converter from Adcoat Industries works exceptionally well. Part of this is because of its chemical composition. Additionally, the fact that it has a water base also adds an advantage.

Rust converters that have a water base are also easy to apply. You get quick-drying and can have your surfaces ready within half an hour after application. Because the product is also a primer, you can use it to prepare your surfaces for paint application. You’ll, therefore, be saving money as you won’t have to buy many products.

A gallon of the converter can comfortably cover 200 square feet. It is unlikely you’ll have that much surface to cover all at once. You’ll, therefore, get to use the product over and over again over many surfaces. There are many surfaces you can use the product on. Most of us will know about automotive restoration, but there are other application areas too. You can use it in a marine application, for household projects and even farming tools. With this range of application, this product should meet your needs with ease.

Product Specifications

The rust converter applies as a milky white solution but dries to a black inert coating. You can then apply paint over the dried surface. When you make a purchase you get one gallon of the product which weighs 8.15 pounds.

The model number of the product is 72001, while its dimensions are 6 x 6 x 12 inches. You can get warranty information quickly while you’re making a purchase.

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Conventional methods of rust control do little to prevent the spreading of corrosion. The GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter and Primer if you’re looking for more than regular rust control. It works by converting rust into a chemically inert substance. You, therefore, get protection on the surface affected by rust. Additionally, the chemically inert material prevents the spreading of rust. Once you control rust this way, then all your metal surfaces will be secure.

But this product isn’t just a rust converter, it also works well as a surface primer. You can apply it on your metallic surfaces and have them ready for a paint job in forty-eight hours. Having a product that can do multiple tasks is a real advantage as it saves you the need for buying additional products.

The application process for this primer and rust converter is one of the easiest. You just use a wire brush to remove any loose or layered rust. Once the surface is ready this way, you can then proceed to apply the rust converter with a regular paintbrush or sponge. You have to give your surface some time to dry up, but it usually won’t be extensive. One quart of the product can cover up to 125 square feet of a regular surface.

GEMPLER’S Eco-Friendly RCQ Rust Converter and Primer is eco-friendly and this gives it a real advantage. It won’t cause any pollution, and it is also not flammable. Lastly, you can easily clean up after use.

Product Specifications

The holding can is of iron, unlike many other products which come in plastic coverings. There’s only one bottle of the product with every purchase, and it weighs 2.4 pounds. There are no accessories when you purchase the product. However, you can quickly get the warranty information you need.

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The Black Star Rust Converter is the ideal choice for people looking for effective and long term rust control. Rather than go for methods such as sandblasting you should consider this rust converter. It turns all rust to a slick polymer resin. The resin is inert and so won’t react with any environmental components. Furthermore, it will also prevent the formation of new rust. Most aggressive methods of rust protection don’t block the creation of new rust.

The product doesn’t strip rust out for a reason. It reacts with the rust to form a compound that can also be a primer. So in addition to total rust control, you also get surface preparation. Once you’ve applied a coat of paint over the affected surface, you can say bye to rust forever. The areas where you can apply this rust converter are virtually limitless. You can use it in your car, your fence, bridges, marine tools, and so many more places.

So you have nothing to do by going for this product. It preserves the integrity of your surfaces by not aggressively stripping out rust. It also acts as a primer for paints and prevents the reformation of rust.

Product Details

The product first went on sale on July 21, 2015, and there’s warranty information readily available after purchasing.

There’s only one gallon of the product with each purchase. Such an amount should be enough for regular functioning.

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Using Rust Converters

Rust Converters are ideal and efficient, but you need to prepare your surface first before application. This is the most important part of the process. Any loose rust will hinder implementation and so you need to remove it manually. You should even wash the surface and let dry first if you want better results.

For the application process, it is best if you spray the entire surface first with the rust converter. After you have covered the whole affected area, you can then use a brush to spread and ensure you’ve covered all the corners and crevices. The polymer that forms when the converter reacts with rust will seal out all air and moisture. It is therefore essential to ensure the affected surface has a good coating.

The next step is letting the surface dry. Usually, this takes minutes but is dependent on the type of converter you’ve chosen. Most converters are also primers. How this happens is that the converter reacts with the rust and forms a primed surface. You can, with most converters, only use oil-based paints. Before painting, you have to let the surface rest for some time. Mostly the waiting period will be for two days.

Lastly, it is vital to observe safety measure while using rust converters. The chemical formulations of rust converters are potent and will undoubtedly cause harm if they contact skin. As such, it is vital to have on protective wear for hands and the face while using rust converters. Remember also to keep away from children who might play with the chemical and get hurt.


Rust conversion is the way to go. It is non-invasive and provides instant protection. Your car or metallic tool will look unchanged with the application of a rust converter. Sandblasting and other forms of handling rust will weaken the metal they work on. Choosing the best rust converter for your metals is easy. You only have to consider the quantity you want. Most rust converters also work as primers so you won’t have to look for a special primer. You also need to go for converters that can work on as many surfaces as possible. These converters can cover different types of rust and give you rust protection for all of them. If you choose a restricted rust converter, then you’ll only be able to use it on a limited number of surfaces. Such a situation is not ideal.

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