The 7 Best Camera Bag for 2019

It looks easy to choose a camera bag from the following list of The 7 Best Camera Bags reviews, isn’t it? No, it is not as easy as you think. Owning a bag for your camera is not a random decision. Have You asked yourself this question: Why should buy this camera bag exactly?

Once you own a camera you have to put in mind one consideration: It is not easy to fix and so hard (for your heart) to damage. Actually, I love my car and feel it as one of my friends. She shows me the beauty that my head couldn’t see first.

So, I have to keep it intact as long as possible by choosing the best camera bag according to my purpose. So, the right question is: What kind of camera bag I need? (Note: I want. It is different).

For example, I like photography. So, the best choice for me will be a backpack. This bag is perfect for photographers who visit different place every day. It helps to carry the camera for a long time without tiring.

Are you a journalist? It is preferable to own a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag. You may want to hide your ID or keep your gear safe far from the angry protesters or officers.

Are you an amateur who likes photography or to take incredible photos as a hobby all day? Well, in such a case it is preferable to get a sealed bag that keeps your camera safe for a long time. Also your gear should be easy to access.

In this list, check The 7 Best Camera Bags reviews I’ve experienced. Photographers have options to choose from.

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AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Gadget Bag – 11.5 x 6 x 8 Inches, Black And Orange;

Amazon products have a special effect on all users over the world. Personally, I like everything that has the (A to Z) logo.

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag is one of the must-have camera bags. It has a large space for your DSLR camera, lens, tablet and accessories. It can hold 1 DSLR camera + 3 lenses. Best for travel photography.

Do you have an iPad Mini, tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, or even Google Nexus? Don’t worry about carrying lenses and other camera accessories. You don’t need to buy a special carry bag for it because AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag offers special features for this device exactly. It is a padded slot, so it will keep your device intact.

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Think Tank Photo Retrospective 10 V2.0 Shoulder Bag – Pinestone;

Do you like the simple classic style bag? So, The Think Tank Photo Retrospective 10 is a perfect choice with the following features; It is an inconspicuous camera bag. No-one can expect that it is a camera bag.

This camouflaged camera bag style allows you to blend in the crowd without being discovered. It looks like a messenger bag and is preferable for journalists and camouflaged photographers.

Think Tank Photo Retrospective 10 can carry 1 DSLR camera in the front pocket plus 2 – 4 lenses in the main compartments. It is actually the minimalist outer appearance that conceals expensive photo equipment. Moreover, if you don’t want to use it as a camera bag, it is suitable as a normal compact handbag.

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Tenba Cooper 13 Slim Camera Bag (637-402);

Tenba never compromise; This is the slogan of Tenba family in their commercial. Let’s take a look.

Tenba is a family of 3 members of luxury canvas and leather bags. Here, we chose the Cooper 13. Actually, Tenba Cooper is one of the best in the camera bag market at all. It is more than a camera bag. It offers plenty of space to carry a mirrorless camera with 3-5 lenses or an A1: B G5 with 2-3 lenses (up to 70-200mm 2.8), plus a rear padded slot for 13″ laptop.

Tenba Cooper accessories are designed specifically for luxury and quality lovers. It is made from peach-was cotton canvas with full-grain leather accents and trims. This means protection, easy access, weather resistance, waterproof and the good appearance of such a bag.

Out of carrying electronic use, you can use Tenba Cooper 13 as a normal laptop bag, messenger bag or even paper bag.

This awesome bag has more features and benefits than this little description that meets the aspirations of class (A) requirements.

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Billingham Hadley Pro Shoulder Bag ;

Hadley Pro Bag is a classic and compact design camera bag that resembles a messenger bag. It has a Quick-Release system that allows you to access your gear quickly. It has a removable camera insert secures with a single press stud inside the main compartment. This gives you high safety for your device.

Interior design is stylish and flexible to change the capacity of pockets according to the size of your camera and tablet. It has solid brass buckles that allow you to customize the capacity of the dual front pocket. The interior top divider on camera insert protects your gear from rain or snow.

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AmazonBasics DSLR Camera and Laptop Backpack Bag ;

It is another AmazonBasics camera & laptop backpack bag. Do you like to keep your hands free? So, AmazonBasics Backpack is the suitable stylish solution for you, plus its affordable price.

This AmazonBasics has plenty space to carry 2 SLR cameras, 3-4 lens, 17 inches laptop, and a lot of small accessories with full protection.

Do you have different size cameras? Don’t worry. This backpack is a designed padded interior bag that allows you to change the dividers and capacity of partitions according to the required size of your cameras and their accessories.

AmazonBasics camera & laptop Backpack bag has side straps that carry and protects your tripods or a lot of accessories. It is stylish, compact and comfortable to wear with the adjustable settings of shoulders and waist, even when loaded with all your gear.

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Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack;

It is the second and the last Backpack on this list. Thule Covert is one of the Man-Made Materials. It is the biggest in this list and suitable more to who likes to hide all equipment.

With such a compact size you have enough capacity to carry all your gear inside one bag as you travel. The divider system of Thule Covert (Origami-inspired divider system) allows you to customize the size from the smallest to the largest space to fit and protect your gear.

It fits a MacBook Pro 15″ plus an iPad. The bag meets domestic and international airlines travel carry-on restrictions. Its dimensions are 54.1 centimeters high and 20.1 centimeters wide.

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Domke F-2 original shoulder bag 700-02D (Olive);

I think it is the oldest camera bag ever (1976). Domke F-2 is one of the most popular camera bags. It is not only its reputation we mention but also the good design and the capability of carrying 2 cameras with or without motor drives, plus 6 – 10 lens.

It includes 12 compartments and pockets, and easy to carry for those who love to travel. It keeps the same classic appearance and fit who likes the hand carrying strap to carry the camera bag (The compartments are removable).

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Well, it is the end of the article. I know I may confuse you. Well, I tried to cover different styles of the camera bag. I didn’t like to make a collection of similar options.

So, what do you like on our list of The 7 Best Camera Bags? Check the list again and choose the suitable camera bag according to the real need and preferred style.

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