The 7 Best Car Alarm Systems Buying Guide 2019

What Is A Car Alarm?

Car Alarm is an electronic device that works as an alert tool. It is designed and created for installing in your vehicle to do the unique task: Alerting somebody (you as the car owner – police – people) to an illegal attempt to open your car. How?

This happens by emitting a high volume sound as an alarm. This sound may be klaxon, siren, the car’s own horn, pre-recorded verbal warning, or a combination of all previous. Sometimes, car lights are on and flashing. Sometimes, Car Alarm notifies the vehicle owner about the threat that his car meets by the paging system. But generally, the basic task of a car alarm is to discover all illegal violations of your vehicle.

How do Car Alarm Systems work?

Of course, I mean technically. How does the vehicle alarm system work?

Well, it is so simple. It is about some kind of sensors connected to some sort of siren. That’s it. The switch installation for these sensors is done on the driver’s door. Once the thief tries to open your vehicle, the siren would start wailing. This is the basic version of the car alarm. What about the latest versions of alarm systems?

The modern versions of Car Alarms are looked like a small computer that consists of:

  • Radio Receiver: To allow the wireless control from a key fob.
  • Additional Battery: It allows your car alarm to stand alone in case of disconnection with your car battery.
  • A Group of Sensors: that may include motion detectors, switches, and pressure sensors.
  • Siren: It creates a variety of sounds with the ability to make a distinct sound for your vehicle (Very important in case of the similarity of car alarm systems around).
  • Computer Control Unit: It is the brain of all previous components. It allows you to control everything and make your preferences.

Through the Computer Control Unit, you monitor everything to activate your car alarm. The main target of CCU is closing all switches that activate car alarms. Also, it controls the connection between choosing the power source and the priority of each source.

Generally, I will explain more in product descriptions, and you will notice the many differences among the alarms.

Types of Car Alarm Systems

There are 2 main types of Car Alarms that you can install:

  1. OEM: It is the built-in Car Alarm that has been installed in the factory before launching the vehicle in the market.
  2. Aftermarket: It refers to any type of external Car Alarm that installed at any time in the vehicle after the car has been built and released in the market.

This article doesn’t cover the OEM types of car alarm systems and specifically focuses on the aftermarket car alarms. This list includes 7 of the best car alarm systems in the market right now.

The 7 Best Car Alarm Systems in Market Right Now

The following list includes a summary of my searching, trying, and failing with Car Alarms I bought, tested, discovered, or read about its features.

Read the following list of car alarms carefully and choose the best to install in your car.

What are the unique features of Python? In my opinion, it is the third-generation liquid-crystal display remote control. It is the thinnest display remote available in the market, till now. It is good to notice that Python is one of the best car alarm families on this list offered at a very high price, although it’s the most remarkable product.

Python 5706P is a 2-ways system that notifies you when your vehicle meets an attempt. It comes with Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security that warns you through LCD Pager car alarm with 1-mile range plus remote start.

Remote features multiple command formats: Tones, Vibration, Text, and icon display. All of the previous works perfectly with the same 1-mile range primary LCD SST remote. Its remote control is very slim 5-button SST 1-way.

With Python, once you install it and set your car doors to the proper channel, you can safely leave it without worry. It will notify you if any of the doors get open. You will see a drawing of a hammer on your LCD screen.

Python is the best, simple, effective, and smart. It is one of the best car alarms I’ve been ever invested in. It deserves every penny spent in.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Viper 5906V is one of the best car alarms in the market. I have enough audacity to say: It is the best. Also, Viper is the most expensive Car Alarm on this list. Does Viper deserve its value? Let’s discover.

Viper is an integrated Car Alarm System. It features the best 2-way security and remote start system with HD Color wireless remote. It is the Responder HD 5903V.

Viper 5906V works with 900 MHz SST. Its capacity is up to 1 mile and the responder is HD color with 5-button control.

A function such as Starter-Kill or Shock-Sensors is magnificent itself. Starter-Kill, for example, offering security to your vehicle from hot-wiring and immobilizes your car. Shock-Sensors can distinguish between light blows and heavy impacts.

A viper car alarm is a very lauded car alarm system. It features the 6-tone siren that does everything for sound different levels (low – medium – high – extremely high).

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Unlike the previous Viper, Avital is the best choice for very tight budgets. It is the cheapest one on this list, and I think it is the cheapest in the car alarm market.

Of course, it comes with fewer features than others but still works as a car alarm. Avital includes 2 remote transmitters, each one of them is 4-button. The Panic Mode protects your vehicle from flashing parking lights with and sounding alarmed.

It is a keyless entry. Its remote start feature allows you to remotely start and run your vehicle for a certain period of time. Finally, it is D2D compatible.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

New Prestige is the car alarm system that uses the space between high and low car alarm system. It is one of the media.

Are you a forgetful person? Don’t worry. New Prestige comes with 2 – 4-hour automatic start mode. Plus, you have selectable run-time 24-hour time start mode. Of course, you have the normal mode of single or double press to start. Don’t be surprised. It is one of the best advantages: It comes with 5 separate timers that work simultaneously.

It features 1-5 button metal 2-way LCD command confirming transmitter plus 1-5 button metal 1-way remote control.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Clifford is one of the masters in car alarm market. It is made for high-end cars that need a special security.

It is another 2-way security and remote start system. It is range is 1 mile. Sometimes you will need to invest in a separate device such as a bypass module to match with your vehicle if it has an onboard killswitch.

You can optimize a custom animation on your OLED screen to use your car alarm in an interesting way. It displays car interior temperature from a mile away.

Clifford 5906X can be connected with 2 separate vehicles at the same time.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

Code Alarm is a member of medium price family and high-end features car alarm. It is the easiest + cheapest car alarm that makes your life more convenient. It is very authentic and high-quality product.

Code Alarm can be wired to 2 separated vehicles at the same time. This feature makes your life easier and saves your money. You needn’t invest in another car alarm for the security of your vehicles.

The feature of a timer gives you the ability to start your vehicle at a specific time every day whether or not you use your remote to do so. This feature is perfect for you if you are a forgetful person. Also, it will keep track of your parking meter times as well.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

If you want a unique feature of Crimestopper, it will be the extremely wide range of car alarm control. It features one 2-way LCD transmitter with 3000ft range, and one 5-button companion transmitter with 2000ft of range. Each transmitter is easy to install with double pulse unlock.

It has the ability to operate and control 2 separate vehicles at the same time. You have a smart LCD remote that comes in multiple colors. The color feature indicates which car – No. 1 or 2 – is in operation right now. If your attention is in another focus point, the LCD remote has both vibration and audible tones to warn you.

The high-power 20 Watt single-tone siren is more than enough to make a real panic for any thief. Not only but also, dome light supervision, carjack security, remote panic, dual-stage high-performance shock sensors for security; and starter kill output for the security of your vehicle.

What We Liked

What We Didn't Like

It is the choice step. I put my concentration in this article to make a flexible mix of cheap, medium, and expensive car alarms. Also, it is not only about the price of the products. I offered 3 levels of car alarms:

  • Simple: like Avital
  • Medium: like Prestige
  • Professional: like Viper

So, check your current needs and compare it with your budget. I hope my effort of The 7 Best Car Alarm article meets your requirements.

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