Best Gaming PC Under 1000 on 2019

Best Gaming PC Under 1000 on 2019

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Gamers prefer playing their favorite video games on gaming consoles. The two leading gaming consoles are Xbox and PlayStation. There are times when the consoles seem a bit unattractive thus forcing gamers to opt for gaming PCs. Gaming consoles and PCs have their attractions. For a long time, PCs were the preferences of gamers interested in playing online games. Lately, consoles have also been made or fitted with internal modems that enable gamers to play their preferred games online too. In all these, what has emerged or changed is the emergence of PCs that are specifically geared or made for playing video games in 2019.

Why is a Gaming PC Important

Although it is possible to play video games on just about any PC, the experience is not the same to what you get from playing on gaming PC. Some gaming PCs cost more than $1,000. Others cost less than $1,000. Gaming PCs are the best at playing simulation or strategy games. These types of PCs offer the best visual fidelity. They are a library of games. The PCs host games that would never find a home on other devices. They are ideal for playing core games or exploring some of the best social titles. The technology used for manufacturing gaming PC is of the highest caliber. Some of the features that make gaming PCs quite popular include the following:

  1. improved driver support
  2. great value hardware
  3. couch-biased co-op games
  4. controller friendly interfaces
  5. sleek gaming hardware

Gaming PC offers the only platform where gamers can play in 4K or UHD. Playing games on devices that offer such high resolutions is likely to give you an experience that is impossible to find anywhere else. Games look stunning on UHD. Gaming PC offers the most advanced platform for experiencing VR. Today, the hardware featured on gaming PC is not only cheaper but also sleeker than ever before. In the past, gaming PCs were nothing more than some tall and ugly towers. Today’s PCs are different, power conscious, quiet and small. The PCs are fitted with mods that allow gamers to gradually develop a love for any game they wish to play.

What to Look for in a Gaming PC

A gaming PC is great for playing some of the most intense video games at incredible speeds. New editions or versions of these games enter the market almost every day. Playing such games on old PCs is a horrid experience. Old computers are too slow and in some cases refuse to allow you to play your favorite game. It is for this reason that you should spare some money to invest in the 1000 dollar gaming PC. Gaming PCs are expensive but you should not use this factor alone to determine the one worth buying. Budget is an important factor but not the only one to consider. The PC you choose depends on the types of games you prefer playing.

Do not ignore graphics. The display is crucial otherwise the gaming experience will not be what you expect. Although it is not mandatory for you to play games with six cores, you still need to invest in a PC with excellent cooling. Some of these games are capable of causing your PC to overheat. The PC should have the best memory too. The storage capabilities of the PC are important considerations too. The best gaming PC is power efficient. The motherboards and cases deserve some attention too. To summarize, remember to look at the RAM, hard drive, video card, and processor before investing money on the best gaming PC for 1000.

The following is a review of the 7 best gaming PCs under 1000:

1 – SkyTech Shadow AMD-1060:

It has one of the best graphics or video card. Its connectivity is exceptionally good. The processor, RAM, memory speed and hard drive make this gaming PC worth every dollar. It is part of the gamer ultra series. It has the Windows 10 Home Operating System. It is very easy to set up, especially now that it comes with the Windows 10 OS pre-installed. It has a wonderful appearance. The manufacturer did an excellent job building this gaming PC. Its video card comes with a cool green light thus visible through the casing. It is a wonderful PC for playing some of the most intense video games.

2 – ASUS G11CD G11CD-US008T Gaming Desktop:

This gaming PC comes in an extremely beautiful and game-like casing. Its performance is unmatched in the world of gaming PCs. Its 8GB DDR4 memory allows this PC to perform fast. It has space for extra storage with the large 1TB HDD. Its visuals are exemplary with the NVIDIA GTX 960GPU. It is pre-fitted with Windows 10 as the Operating System. It is part of the G11CD series. It is available in three colors namely red, gray and black. The PC is easy to set up. The video card is actually decent. The power supply for this gaming PC is better than anything you are ever likely to find on the market today.

3 – Asus G20AJ-US009S Intel Core:

This gaming PC is revolutionary in many ways. Its design is one of a kind. Its components are top of the line. Its features are among some of the most advanced. This gaming PC has won several awards in the past for exemplary performance. Its Intel Core i7 processor is the fourth generation. The combination of the fourth generation processor and graphics card guarantees gamers unstoppable performance. Its cooling system ensures the PC never overheats or fails to function optimally. With lighting effects that can be customized, you will enjoy playing games using a PC that offers more than 8 million colors, thus giving an excellent visual display.

4 – CYBERPOWERPC-Gamer Xtreme GXi760:

What you get from this gaming PC are a powerful system and amazing graphics. It also reassures you of quality and reliable connectivity. It comes with a one year warranty on labor and parts. Gamers receive lifetime tech support free. It has seven USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. It is part of the GXI760 series of gaming PCs. It comes with the Windows 10 OS pre-installed The PC is available in white and blue colors. It is not only fast, but also offers wonderful graphics. With these graphics, you can play almost all modern games at high speeds without a problem. It is aesthetically attractive. At night, the blue light that it emits makes the PC more beautiful.

5 – Lenovo-Y700 Gaming PC:

With a powerful processor, there is no doubt this gaming PC delivers what it promises. With its pre-installed Windows 10, setting up the machine is quite easy. With the 8GB RAM, 2133MHz, and 3.2 GHz 8032 processor there is no doubt that it has all the specs needed for a gaming PC. It has an equal number of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports (4). It is part of the 90DG0006US series. After installing it, you will be impressed with its sound and appearance immediately. It has more than 200 perfect frames that you can play with at the highest settings. It is quiet thus saving you from the noise pollution that other gaming PCs produce. It has a red glow in the dim light.

6 – CybertronPC-Shockwave X6-9600:

The macho look is the first thing you see when looking at this gaming PC. The combination of green and black/gray color on the PC enables it to stand out from the rest. Its system, graphics, expansion bays, connectivity, and chassis make this PC different from other gaming PCs. It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. The mix of the processor, DDR3 memory, and video card places you in a special group of gamers that win all the time. Its hard drive makes the PC ideal for gamers who value products with faster booting and loading times. It has enough space for hosting all the games, music, movies and everything else that defines your digital life.

7 – CybertronPC-Rhodium R9-X8:

The black, gray and red colors on this gaming PC give it a sleek look. However, it is not one of the best gaming PC under 1000 because of the sleek look. It falls into this category because of the power system plus graphics, expansion bays, connectivity, and chassis. The 3.3GHz processor, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1000GB SATA III hard drive, and the AMD Radeon R9 graphics co-processor give this PC all the capabilities required to perform optimally while using it to play video games. It can support several monitors. It is easy to set up. It boots and loads quickly thus the closest thing you can get to instantaneity.  It gives gamers the once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The search for the best gaming PC under 1000 should be much easier for you henceforth. This review helps you narrow down your search instead of wasting too much time finding out information on the best gaming PC to buy for less than $1,000. The fact these PCs do not cost more than $1,000 is great news for you at a time when the need to spend money wisely is high. These PCs will help you to reduce your dependency on gaming consoles, which offer nowhere near the kind of experience you get from them. Therefore, choose your preferred gaming PC and buy it from Amazon.

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