The Best Hud For Car Review and Buying Guide 2019

Before talking about the top 10 Best Hud For Car, I need to stop for a moment. I need to share some memories with you as a result when I saw Head-Up Displays (HUDs) for the first time.

In my video library, I keep the trilogy of Back To The Future (1985, 1989, and 1990) for the genius Steven Spielberg and Michael J. Fox. I used to watch it from time to time. I have kept the trilogy since it was on old videotapes before the revolution of computer CDs and Internet revolutionary evolution and updated it to a BluRay copy to keep it clear and High Definition as much as possible.

You may agree with me when you were excited about the second part of this trilogy and especially the journey to the future; our tomorrow land. How will the future look like? This is the question that many writers talked about and produced a lot of books whether it is plain scientific books or sci-fi novels.

So, I used to watch this trilogy (and many movies about the future, in fact) to compare the talent of these writers and actual reality. Believe me when I tell you: it is the best and you should try and compare by yourself.

Technology never stops dazzling us; starting from the internet itself till heads up display.

Now, it is time I like. We are going to display the options that the head up display market offers. Our list is flexible and we may upgrade it anytime. You may notice changing, adding, or deleting any item of it according to our experience of using these options.

Read the following list carefully and choose the best display that suits your taste. We made sure that you will not need more search for display screen types after reading this article.

So, let’s begin and check what the market offers.

Navdy is a master in head-up display market. The device comes with many features that make your driving experience easier and gentler. The description of “Augmented Reality Display” is not just a commercial slogan, but it is a real fact about Navdy. Navdy projects data in clear and bright colors even in sunlight and dims automatically at night.

Navdy is a high technology designed and manufactured. It is a full color and fully transparent image. You have no obstacles to see it clear and clearly visible in direct sunlight. Navdy works with simple hand gestures to answer (make) calls, get (respond) messages, and more by a simple wave of your hand.

With Navdy, you will never be lost. Its GPS is powered by Google Maps (the best of all) that leads you to your destinations avoiding the hassles of traffic.

Your listening preferences are easy with Navdy. So, you have full control of your audios on Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, or even Pandora.

Navdy dashboard is customizable with preferred data. Whatever the information you want about your road: Maps, speed, MPG, fuel range, RPM, compass, temperature and more.

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Garmin HUD+ comes with its phone App that simply downloaded and customized to get the best control of this head-up display. By this app, Garmin HUD+ receives all navigation information from the app to your phone, and directly to the windshield of Garmin HUD+.

Don’t worry about the outer light brightness level; Garmin HUD+ automatically adjusts the brightness level to match the light level. So, the device is clearly visible in both night and direct sunlight.

Also, Garmin HUD+ gives you the navigation indicators and distance to your next turn, current speed, speed limit, estimated arrival time, and more. Moreover, it helps you by telling you about a suitable lane on the road for your next maneuver.

The device can be easily connected to your phone: iPhone, iPad, Android, or even Windows Phone, through Bluetooth Connectivity. Also, you can charge it with a USB cable on the go through your vehicle power.

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First of all, it is very cheap comparing with something like Navy. But it is not the only best feature of Generic.

It is easy to set up, just plug-and-play through vehicle cigarette outlet jack. You don’t need a professional to install. It’s compatible with any vehicle. It is auto-adjust brightness through a smart sensor that defines the day and night-time driving to match. It comes with a green color display.

Generic helps you to customize your normal speed and then warn you in case of over speed. It uses the GPS signal guided calculation without the need for wiring to the vehicle speed signal.

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Coocheer is a very simple and effective head-up-display. The 5.5-inch screen is easy to read all the time during the day and night. The screen displays all required data for your safety driving like water temperature, speed, fatigue driving reminders, distance measurement, RPM, and specific alarms like over speed alarm and engine failure alarm.

Coocheer HUD comes with Auto On/Off smart feature. It allows the screen to start with the vehicle starting and shutdown with it, too. This feature protects the battery and gives it a longer life.

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Echoman is another simple Head-Up-Display product that projects vehicle speed, time, directions, compass and more on the windshield.

It is easy to install (plug and play), just plug it into your cigarette lighter and play all of its features. It gives you a speed alarm with its over speed indicator. Its weight is so light, it is just 66 grams.

The 5.5-inch display is LED digital of super brightness. The alarm sound is acceptable for you assuming you close windows most of the time (The sound level is over 30 DB).

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Techstick sounds good in your ear and it has the best specs sound, too. The first caution of this display is the OBD2 certificate port. The device is not compatible with cars that don’t have this certification. Actually, all cars after 2004 have this certification but you need to make sure before you install.

Techstick comes with a 5.5-inch multi-color LCD screen that offers a clear image and easy to read in the whole day and night. The screen adjusts brightness automatically according to the time and the outer environment. Its adjustment is automatic but you can do it yourself. Generally, it is visible enough in direct sunlight and at night.

Techstick displays a lot of things that benefit you during driving. It displays information like speed, fuel consumption (and alert), high-temperature alarm, high-speed alarm, engine fault, and more. Also, it is easy to switch between kilometers and miles.

Finally, it is Auto On/Off and so don’t bother about turning it on or off when you drive your car.

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Again, Arpenkin comes with an important notice: check instructions carefully before buying, because Arpenkin works only with OBD2 port, EOBD system and OND2 agreement cars. It emphasizes the info of checking the manufacturing year of your car and to be after 2004 for American and European cars, and after 2007 for Asian cars.

The device is a very cheap screen, indeed. Actually, it is the cheapest one in the HUD market. So, it is best for a tight budget or who wants to try such technology without wasting a lot of money.

Arpenkin comes with a 3-inch display which is enough to read the required data. It is easy to manually switch between KMH and MPH according to your preferences or measurements. It is normal auto power on/off with the car started and shut down. This protects your car battery.

Arpenkin uses Nano-technology to eliminate unwanted reflections to make display information sharper. Finally, brightness can be adjusted by both modes: manual and automatic to drive smoothly at night or in sunlight without glare.

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iNeibo is another one of the cheap HUD family. iNeibo comes with a little bit of smart features. It comes with 2 modes:

  • HUD mode: It displays data on the windshield.
  • Non-HUD mode: You can read data from the instrument (HUD) directly. Not on the windshield.

Also, iNeibo comes with 2 level speed alarms:

  • Urban Alarm: For driving within the city.
  • Highway Alarm: For the driving in highways.

Simply, you can set the mode of driving according to your driving condition. Moreover, it can be the best HUD for your motorcycle or boat after special settings.

iNeibo is compatible with all cars and trucks. It is driving by GPS signals and you needn’t wire connections. The device is easy to install. The speed of your car is accurately determined by GPS technology.

Finally, you can adjust brightness manually for day and night times to feel comfortable with reading data from iNeibo HUD.

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ZXLine HUD is the first HUD that comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. Their slogan is “Don’t like it? Simply return it”.

Before buying you have to check if your car is 2004 production or newer to be compatible with this HUD; it is just working with OBD2 port. OBD2 port system provides all important driving information.

It is Auto On/Off and of course, this saves your car battery. Its screen is 5.5 inches to read data comfortably. Through this screen, you can review all required data like fuel consumption, speed, water consumption, mileage measurement, and more.

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Well, Flexzion is the last of this list. Flexzion provides the same size as the display screen of 5.5 inches. This size screen acts well with most of the drivers, anyway. But the multi-color design makes the process of reading data on the screen better and easier. The Nano-technology that used in this HUD eliminated the unwanted reflections and made display information sharper. It is HD display screen.

Flexzion is Auto On/Off power. It starts with a vehicle and shutdowns with it. Also, you have the manual control of this feature to have the whole control of your HUD. It comes with the over-speed alarm to keep you safe as much as possible

Flexzion applies to all cars in the world. There is no car out of the compatibility list of Flexzion.

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Best Head UP display For Cars Buying Guide

What is HUD (heads up display) Exactly?

HUD is the abbreviation of the Heads UDisplay. It is a new technology to see and deal with road and driving data in front of your eyes in your car without the need of leaving the steering wheel or look at another side.

The required data is viewed in a transparent way onto the windshield of a car as a digital transparent image. (Sometimes the HUDs works using retractable combiner instead of Windshield). It views the same information that is displayed on the dashboard.

HUDs are the normal update of Apple CarPlay Stereo and its brothers. With HUD products you needn’t look at other sides, your concentration will be completely on the driving road.

Why I should buy a Car Hud for my car?

There are many reasons to own such a device. If you are a technology geek, you needn’t my explanation of why you should buy HUDs. It is incredibly awesome to see your driving instructions and personal activities (like calling and messaging) showing through a transparent shield that doesn’t block or disperse your vision/concentration among many displays. That’s really cool.

But if you want to organize some benefits in bullets, HUD is important because:

  • Safe Concentration: Calculate how many objectives that may disperse your concentration (radio, calls, messages, emails, dashboard, maps, temperature and more). HUDs keep your eyes on the road while driving. Its name comes from making your head up, not left, right, or even on the steering wheel panel.
  • Easier: HUD products use a handful of hand movements to control, plus all orders are available by audio assistants like Siri of an iOS phone. Imagine, you answer your incoming calls by just moving your hand from left to right in front of your face. It is easy peasy.
  • Lesser Accidents: Most of the accidents are happened because of the first reason: lack of Concentration. When you find all the required data to deal with in front of your eyes, this will be a vital factor to reduce the number of road accidents.
  • All in One Solution: You want to make many things while you are driving your car. You want to know the road and traffic data, answer and make calls, respond to messages, check your direction, and more. HUDs offer these features in one device and more.
  • Compatible with your phone: Whatever your phone operating system type is (Android or iOS), HUDs works with both of them.

How to Choose The Best HUD for your Car

Take my recipe and you will not feel sorry anymore for choosing wrong brands or make mistakes. It is easy 3 steps to follow:

  • Check your car’s year of manufacture and make sure that is newer than 2004 and comes with OBD2.
  • Check compatibility with your phone (to reduce dispersion).
  • Check your budget.

Final Thoughts: Best Heads Up Display for Cars

Following such steps may save your time and help you to choose the right option of the list of The top 10 HUDs for a car.

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