Best Radar Detector App and Buying Guide 2019

Why searching for Best Police Radar Detector App? It is logic. You are interested in using a radar detector device. So, you should use a suitable mobile app, too. Plus, using a mobile app is easier and cheaper than buying a physical device.

Everything in our life is going mobile, why you may think that Radar Detectors are not? Let’s discover what mobile app technology offer in radar detection.

What is Radar Detector App Exactly?

While classic drivers go to invest in normal radar detectors, technology lovers are searching for an app to do the same function.

This is an application that is designed to act like real best radar detectors on the market with extra features.

Is The Cop Locator Radar Detector App Legal?

It is legal in most of the countries and USA states. But there are few countries that consider radar detection app unacceptable and may have regulations limiting the use of such apps.

Best Radar Detector App in Google Play Store

The following list contains the best Radar Detector apps on the whole internet. I chose them carefully upon users’ positive opinions and ratings.

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1. Waze:

Waze is a GPS app with an incredible interface to help you on the road. It makes a lot of things and one of them is police radar detection. Waze allows you to get:

  • Many Detecting Functions: It gives you a lot of alerts about traffic, hazards, police, accidents, preferred routes, and of course police radar location.
  • Smart Forecasting According To Live Data: It estimates your arrival time 90% correctly. Your ETA is based on live traffic data and then your information is more accurate.
  • Pay Less For Gas: It helps you to find the cheapest gas stations along your route.
  • Compatible with Android Auto: It is another feature that makes your life easier using it on your Android Auto Display.
  • Voice Guidance: Choose your favorite among a variety of voices to guide you while you drive with head up.
  • ……… and much more with Waze app.

Waze combines solving both of radar detecting and battery consumption problems. So, your mobile will not leave you in the middle of your trip.

Waze data is very accurate. It is always fed with fresh and live data that allow you to know what you are going to meet in your path and how to overcome it.

Finally, it is the most famous radar detecting app on Google Play. Its installs are between 100 and 500 million. To touch the difference you should know that next to this list is between 5 and 10 million. Its positive rate is 4.6 stars with about 5 million 5 stars rate. And of course, it is a FREE Best Radar Detector App.

2. Speed Camera Radar:

Speed Camera Radar looks like a dedicated radar detector app. It focuses on detecting static speed cameras, red-light cameras, and mobile officers on the road.

It is a very simple app and interface comes with the same concept: simplicity. Another unique feature is GPS Speed Camera Radar supports every single country in the world. This means you should use it if you travel a lot. Company updates it every day with real and live data. It can keep you away from the hazards, accidents, constructions, and high traffic location.

The last unique feature is that you can turn it on in the background mode on your mobile. Also, Speed Camera Radar doesn’t drain your battery. Price: FREE.

3. Radar Beep – Radar Detector:

It is another dedicated Radar Detector. Radar Beep is a smart app. Its interface turns on automatically when your phone connects your car via Bluetooth and turns off when you turn off your mobile, too.

Moreover, it comes with a smart NFC Magnetic Sticker that you place in your car. So, Radar Beep turns on when your phone is near to sticker and vice versa.

The main idea of Radar Beep is connecting to GPS using your internet connection to collect required live data. It detects radar location and helps you avoid fines. It sends alerts to you by sound for the Police Radar Location and then you slow down your car speed to avoid shooting by speeding ticket.

You can use Radar Beep with or without a navigator. It focuses on radar location. It has a map of them and warns you with alerts at the right time.

4. Escort Live Radar:

Escort Live Radar is the oldest app on this list. I think it is the oldest and Best Radar Detector App ever. Escort won many awards like Car & Driver’s 10 Best Technology winner (2012), SEMA Show Best New Mobile Electronic Product award winner (2012), and more.

Also, Escort has a background mode that works to save your battery. It is FREE but it has a premium version that comes with advanced features like detailed threat alerts, including time-sensitive colored-coded warning icons for fast, safe, and more accurate responses.

Escort Live Radar has its own network that users share (and so do you) the details of the police speed gun they just passed, and then you know what to care about in a particular area. Escort Live Radar Network is a really powerful community that you can benefit.

5. Cobra iRadar:

Cobra iRadar is the second Best Radar Detector App that comes with its own community and an amazing interface. Again, the power of the community can’t be ignored.

By using the Cobra iRadar community you can receive and submit the real and exact locations of Red Light Camera, Actual Police, traffic areas, and Speed Camera to Extensive iRadar Community.

It is 100% verified speed camera database and has a massive database of Red Light GPS Camera Locations. It won over 7 awards.

It is not an advantage to be a FREE app but the real one is: It is an Ad-free platform. So, you will not face the hassles of pop-up ads that interrupt you.

Cobra iRadar is a smart app that can know the difference between real and fake camera. It receives full 360-degree protection and gets less than 5% chance of false alerts.

Also, you can find this radar in the app store from this link: Cobra iRadar on the App Store

6. Radarbot (Free) Speed Camera Detector & Speedometer

Radarbot can help on the road. The application blends real-time Alerts with the top GPS based speed camera detection system. This app promises you can drive safer and never have to worry about fines again.

What does Radarbot include? It includes a camera warning mode for speeding detection, traffic Alerts, and advanced speedometer. A big plus is one application that includes all these features so you won’t have to shop around for multiple apps. Here are the features you get


You can drive without worrying about racking up points on your driver’s license. You can receive alerts about several types of speed cameras. They include:

  • ANPR cameras
  • Dangerous traffic areas
  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Potential mobile cameras
  • Traffic light cameras
  • Traffic tunnel cameras


You can log in to the system and visualize your speed during your trip. You can see real-time visualization of:

  • Current/Average/Maximum speed
  • Sound Alerts when you break set speed limit
  • Speed diagram


The Radarbot community consists of 2 million drivers throughout the world. You can receive and share real-time voice alerts. This lets you know immediately any updates on the road so you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

You receive these features:

  • Alerts about new fixed-speed GPS cameras and traffic mobile controls
  • Input via voice recognition. You can provide keypad-free Alerts for other drivers
  • Driver-focused communication platform

This is the free version of Radarbot. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the PRO version. It has a lot of perks like in-app purchases and no ads.

It’s a good idea to take the free version for a spin before deciding whether or not you want to upgrade. The company offers email support for any questions /concerns you have.

Radarbot Free includes some new features. That includes Bluetooth auto start-p. You can link the on/off functions of the app to whatever Bluetooth device you want to.

The auto-off mode helps to save battery life. That prevents the mobile app from running in the background mode when you don’t want to. This is a great feature to help save battery life, which can be a plus when you’re running multiple apps on your device.

These are all features that make Radarbot Free worth considering. In fact, it also makes the PRO version worth considering. This boosts the functionality of the app. Try out the free version before deciding if the upgrade is worthwhile.

7. Speed Cameras Radar

The app’s map contains a camera database for fixed speed. There’s also a dynamic radar database. The second database is maintained by all of the online community’s users. This allows all users to benefit from new radars that are discovered. Each user has the ability to report their personal speed camera/radar location. That will then show up on the map of all of the app’s active users.

Speed Camera Radars offer several features worth considering. They include:

  • Search address/navigation
  • Your zone: review other speed cameras/view you speed cameras
  • Works with Google Maps
  • Background mode
  • Routes and navigation w/ speed camera warnings
  • Map with speed cameras, radars, speed traps, and traffic light cameras

You can download the radar detector without the map.

This app is quite easy to use. At the top of maps, you can view buttons that have different functions. Make sure to learn about their functions, so you can use the app more effectively:


Pick the kind of speed camera/radar you wish to display. For speed reasons, the speed cameras are groups in small groups. So if you want to show the speed cameras simply zoom in.


This feature lets you draw a route/navigation. You can also receive warnings about nearby radars. It’s an excellent feature to help plot out your trip while being aware of radars on the way. This allows you to customize your trip while also preventing the chance of getting a ticket.


This lets you search for an address. So if you’re going to a particular location, you can find out if there are any radars on the way. This is a plus so you can be on alerts to avoid them. You’ll likely want to do that to avoid getting tickets.

It’s especially helpful if you’re going to a particular address for the first time. In that situation, you’re more likely to experience an unpleasant surprise in the form of a radar trap.


You can also run the application in background mode. This allows you to receive real-time radar warnings. It’s an excellent mode if you want to save your battery’s juice yet avail of the app’s features when you need them.


This feature lets you track your position. This includes features like Speedometer and camera/radar warnings. GPS is very effective in pinpointing your exact location. It’s also a plus when you can learn about various radars, cameras, etc. in the area.

8. Speed Cameras & Traffic by Sygic

This Speed Cameras & Traffic app is from Sygic. It’s one of the easiest to use and most precise GPS-based app on the market. It provides several functionalities including:

  • Real-time location alerts for fixed speed cameras and mobile radar traps
  • Changes in speed limit & exceeding the speed limit
  • See speed limit for the road you’re on

This app helps you learn where red-light cameras and fixed-speed cameras are located. This is a  plus since they’re effective in picking up speeding vehicles. You’ll have an edge if you know where these units are located.

You can receive real-time alerts of more than 60,000 radar locations and fixed speed cameras. This is a plus so you can be prepared for them while you’re going to Point B. that in turn can help you avoid getting tickets, which can be quite costly in terms of points on your driver’s record.

Here are some of the perks you can enjoy:


Just one tap of your device can be used to report new police radar, radar traps, and mobile cameras. This is definitely a plus when you’re driving since it allows you to focus on your driving. On the other hand, you can also inform other drivers about possible radar traps.

When picking such an app, convenience is certainly one of the main features to look for. The process doesn’t get much easier than one-top functionality.


This is one of the easiest mobile apps to use that includes speedometer, trip log, speed limit, and a dashcam. This offers tons of features that can help you avoid tickets when driving.


The app has essential features and includes an eye-catching design.


Driving can be stressful enough. So it’s important to take steps that can help reduce how much stress you have when operating a vehicle. This mobile app can help since it can reduce the tickets/fees you have to deal with.


This provides helpful information about your driving behavior. You can see various statistics about how you drive. You can also do other things like tracking your mileage and using the speedometer for GPS mileage tracker.


One of the main benefits of these mobile apps is they form a community of drivers that share info about where radar devices are located. This, in turn, can allow the entire community to benefit from the info and help prevent getting tickets.

9. Police Radar

Police Radar for Android is a mobile app that helps to avoid speed cams and speed traps by being aware of them. You can also use a mobile app instead of purchasing an expensive radar detector.

The app has one of the biggest speed cam databases. Drivers can also be informed about Police traps, accidents, and parking guards. You can also learn about other traffic issues.

The end result is this app can be effective in helping you to avoid getting more tickets. It can also help to make traffic smoother/safer. These should be some of the top features to look for when picking such apps.

Another plus is this version includes some new features. They help to make the app more stable. This, in turn, will help to prevent various problems like the app hanging problems. Those are situations you’ll definitely want to avoid when driving and using radar detector apps.

This app also includes offline alerts. It’s a plus since you can keep getting alerts even if you’re offline. This is one of the main features of the app.

When you’re operating your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure you receive updates about radar and cams up head. This feature helps to make sure you’ll get them even if you don’t have web connectivity.

The latest version includes various updates. They include issues related to new warnings, closing app, Google Maps, etc. As a result, there will be fewer issues when operating the app.

Since it’s more stable, there’s less chance the mobile app will crash when you’re using it. In turn, this will help to make sure you get all the need-to-know info about radar traps and such.

10. Police Detector (Speed Camera Radar)

Here’s another mobile app for radar detectors. Police Detector application allows you to mark the location of police patrols and speed cameras on your map. You can also see their location based on marks by other users.

This provides all the information you need about where the patrols and cameras are located. That, in turn, can help prevent you from racking up tickets and fines.

You also have the ability to mark various road events like road repairs, road accidents, and weight control. In case you have issues while driving you can get help from other users of the mobile app. The community can thus work together so all users can help avoid getting tickets.

Here are some of the main benefits of this application:

  • No registration
  • Totally free
  • Shows police patrols/high-speed cameras

The app also shows the speed limits for road sections close to police patrols and high-speed cameras. This is the case when users have introduced various speed limits.

Some new features have been added for users. That includes:

  • Access support from a mobile app
  • Ability to show the average speed
  • Create/edit/delete stationary markets
  • Voice alerts

All of these upgrades add value to the app, so it’s more powerful and easier to use.

One of the drawbacks of this app is it’s less known than other applications for radar detection. So if a few drivers in your area use the app it can have a negative effect on the number of cameras and radar units you’re able to pick up.

Drivers tend to be more familiar with other apps like Waze. This results in more road data shared, which provides a better experience.

This app provides some basic traffic info, which can be beneficial when you operate your vehicle. In particular, it can help to reduce how many tickets you get and how much you pay in fines. That will make your driving more efficient.

The main issue with Police Detector is to research how to use it. Once you figure that out you can enjoy the various features and benefits of the app. Some customers have complained the app isn’t very functional. However, in many cases, that’s because they haven’t figured out how to use the app effectively.

Is the Best Radar Detector App Sufficient?

Generally, it looks good to do everything using your mobile but the real use of such applications shows the benefits of an independent radar detector, too.

First of all, the radar detector is an independent device that is designed specifically for this function. Your mobile is not. Your mobile does many functions. It is for calling, receiving calls; send/receive messages, searching the web, and many things. Each application on your mobile does an independent function.

Imagine receiving a phone call while you are driving your car using Best Radar Detector App, how it could be? I don’t underestimate the value of such an app, but I respect specialization.


So there you have it! These 10 apps are the best alternatives to traditional radar detectors for drivers who want to save money on speeding fines. They’re much more affordable than standard units. All you need is a mobile device and Internet connection to find out where radars are set up. Then all you have to do is slow down when the app picks up a machine.

You might question whether or not free radar detection apps are worth it since “You get what you pay for,” right? These units tend to be effective in tracking vehicle speed on the road. It does this using GPS. There’s typically a delay, but the readings are quite accurate.

So if you’re looking for a virtual speedometer, then these mobile apps for radar detecting are a good option. It’s quite accurate for that functionality.

That said, the main question is the unit’s reliability as a radar detector? It’s not quite that. In fact, the app developers themselves often admit that these applications are mostly novelty/gag items. They’re designed more for parties than highways and byways.

A better option is a mobile app that functions as an interface for a real radar detector. In other words, they’re designed to complement the radar detectors rather than replace them.

So what’s the bottom line? If you’re looking for a mobile app that functions as a radar detector keep in mind the term itself is weighted. If you want a device for picking up radar detectors, you’re better off investing in the real deal.

That said if you want the best radar detector app make sure to consider the pros and cons of each unit. This will help you select one that has the features and benefits you’re looking for. Just don’t expect to avoid all radar traps because it won’t happen just using your smartphone.

Anyway, these were the best 10 choices in Google Play if you want to choose the Best Police Radar Detector App for your next trip. Check them carefully and choose your best.

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