10 Best radar Detectors On The Market 2019

10 Best radar Detectors On The Market 2019

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Do you need to know what is the good radar detector on the market for you driving needs on 2019? I will show you in this review 10 of the top Radar Detector for me with all info about them and enjoy !!

Radar detector reviews of the best radar detectors available on the market in 2019 from Escort, Whistler, Beltronics, Valentine, and Cobra.

Let’s be honest. There is no normal person can commit to general laws about car speed, especially on highways. It looks like buying a horse racing for cart pulling. So, all of us can’t commit to such laws. Our nature, lifestyle, and society itself encourage us to feel freedom in everything. What about fast driving?

A lot of us are keen to reach his appointments at the exact time. Most of us know how to drive his car perfectly and what is the exact time for slowing or speeding. Moreover, all of us are keen to preserve his life and respect others.

So, I don’t feel shame to own a radar detector that allows me to avoid the points of a radar speed gun. This speed gun will not understand the need of going fast but radar detector will keep me away from them.

On the other hand, the radar detector is the device that alarms your speed is over than the allowable speed. So, it is better to use one of them to maintain such an issue.

Comparison Table Of the Top 10 Radar Detectors in 2019

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Now let’s start with the full review of these top 10 rated radar detector for each one:

1) – Escort Max II HD Radar Detector

Escort Max II HD

This tool is your greatest ally when you want to know whether the law enforcement authorities are monitoring your speed on the road. The radar detector protects you from getting a ticket from the police. It gives you enough time to the speed. The effectiveness of this tool is partly because of the inbuilt Bluetooth wireless technology. The range and accuracy that it provides are unmatched thus enabling the driver to continue driving free of worries.

It provides radar as well as laser detection. It’s compatible with Escort Live, which is an award-winning app from the same manufacturer. Its other remarkable features include anti-falsing, quick release mount and multicolored LED display among others. The radar detector is a plug and plays tool. It collects and gives feedback from other road users faster. Furthermore, it provides protection against false alerts.

The detector issues warnings every time a driver exceeds the spending limits. This enables you to check and make adjustments quickly before the law enforcers catch up with you. The Bluetooth technology ensures the detector works with your Smartphone flawlessly. However, it’s worth noting that the detector might be powerless to help you where the police or law enforcers use VASCAR or other similar types of advanced technology.

It gives you access to the local speed limits for any country and so you don’t need to adjust it in a case of traveling. Moreover, it is weekly updated. This feature makes you up-to-date with the latest updates of North America law latest changes.

  • Its weight is light.
  • Its body is compact.
  • Simple, friendly and easy to use design
  • Can immediately respond to radar shots
  • It has many alert tones for every band signals detected
  • It saves your settings even if you turned it off
  • Don’t bother about the false alerts. It reduces it to the less.
  • It shows the difference between most various detected signals and alerts you for each one.
  • Its detection range is so wide and increased field of view
  • It works on every side of detecting. It can detect radar signals from the front, rear, and sides.
  • It is highly sensitive. Its good sensitivity makes detecting process more accurate.
  • The handy speed notifications
  • The False positives Elimination
  • Escort Max II Radar Detector does detect beyond line-of-sight.
  • The featured app that includes a shared database of red-light camera locations and radar hits.
  • It is a little bit expensive
  • Its bulky casing is more than obvious when attached to your windshield.
  • The app is not good enough. It has a lack of information about radar hits.

Escort Max II HD Radar Detector got 4 stars on 381 Amazon customer reviews (53% of them are 5 stars).

ESCORT MAX II - Radar Laser Detector, Auto Learn Technology, ESCORT LIVE App, Bluetooth, GPS, Speed Alerts, Headphone Jack

Product Description

  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - Protection and patented anti-falsing technology uses the power of GPS and the...
  • ESCORT ADVANTAGE - As threats increase, stay ahead of them with ESCORT LIVE and the Detector Tools....
  • CLEAR VOICE ALERTS - Unique voice warnings allow for hands-free operation and provide crystal clear...
  • STAY CONNECTED - To get the best performance, and stay ahead of the threats, download the most...
  • SPEEDALERT - the MAX 2 provides all of the information you need to make the best possible decision...

2) – Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

Whistler Cr90 Laser Radar Detector

This radar detector is one of the highest rated in the industry today. It comes with an alert priority, external audio jack, high gain lens, six filter modes, and three city modes or highway modes. Its inbuilt GPS database provides all the information you need on locations of speeding or red light traffic cameras. In fact, it allows the user to update this information via USB. It has no trouble detecting all the latest types of laser guns used in the US today to nab speeding offenders.

The detector comes in a box that also contains anti-slip dash mat, USB cable, a suction cup windshield bracket and straight-lined power cord. The latest model comes with advanced features. Although it’s a budget detector, you wouldn’t tell that because of the excellent signal detection that it has. It performs exceptionally well at detecting false alerts. Where it struggles is in locking out the known false locations.

Its light blue display is easy to read irrespective of the conditions under which you’re driving. You can turn its Voice Alert off and drive around town quietly. It provides enough warning distance for laser and radar. Its inbuilt compass makes it impossible to drive in the wrong direction when on the highways. The detector has an Auto Dark mode, which is popular when driving at night by going dark instead of giving you or itself away to the law enforcers.

The Whistler CR90 comes with the increased Ka sensitivity and advanced false alert reduction via RSFSR and filter modes. It had designed to detect all the latest laser guns in the USA. Also, it is one of top radar detector under $200

  • Auto quiet feature
  • The Stealth mode of Whistler CR90 will protect you from being detected by Radar Detector Detectors.
  • It has both Highway and City mode
  • Traffic flow signal rejection
  • It is awesome radar sensitive. Actually, it is excellent.
  • The GPS feature gives you the ability to avoid false alarms and protection from a huge database of red light and speed cameras.
  • It has exceptional resistance to false alarms and then you are going to be fully protected.
  • It is under $200
  • Its warranty is 2 years
  • There is no app to share community activities
  • Its manual is not detailed manual.
  • It doesn’t work with the very high speeds. So, it will not be helpful then.

Whistler CR90 Laser Radar Detector got 3.7 stars on 920 Amazon customer reviews (46% of them are 5 stars).

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Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector: 360 Degree Protection, Voice Alerts, and Internal GPS

Product Description

  • High performance radar detector with 360 degrees of complete perimeter protection; Detects all radar...
  • Total laser detection identifies Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally, and LTI Truspeed S
  • Features Radar Signature ID (RSID), Laser Signature ID (LSID), and POP Mode, real voice alerts, and...
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) and 6 filter modes help eliminate alerts from radar based...
  • Internal GPS provides speed and red light traffic camera locations in North America which can be...

3) – Beltronics Pro 500 Radar detector with GPS

Beltronics Pro 500

It’s now much easier to avoid a speeding ticket now because of tools such as this radar detector. What it does best is to avoid false alarms and alerts from automatic doors. Its GPS filtering is one of the most impressive in the market today. It also has an impressive range and accuracy, thus giving you ample warning and time to adjust your speed before the police pull your car up for a chance to give you a speeding ticket.

The power cord has a mute button, which you can press to mute the signal. Press the button thrice to confirm that you want to lock out the signal. Through this detector, you will never have trouble seeing the locations of all the red light as well as speeding cameras that are along the road you travel on at any given moment. The one thing it lacks is Auto Learn. Nonetheless, it remains a good investment for drivers who own fast cars and love spending.

Through this detector, driving around the city or going on long trips will never be a stressful activity for you. The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t go off haphazardly while driving on city roads. The settings are simple to master. It’s the best alternative to any detector that has developed a habit of picking up all automatic doors in the city and going off whenever you drive your car on the city roads or highways.

Beltronics Pro 500 gives you the best protection with its bands for “instant on” and conventional X-band, SuperWide Ka band, and Ka band. The high-performance laser sensor provides maximum laser warning.

  • Requirements like LED brightness, alert volume, auto/manual muting, or any other options can be easily customized by user according to their requirements.
  • It has “Mark location” feature that works for future warnings.
  • The Alert Lock feature takes care of the mute alerts and false signals.
  • Imagine a radar detector that enhanced by the preloaded database. This means all the red-light camera locations and speed camera locations in your hands.
  • It is powered by Advanced and effective GPS technology
  • Don’t worry about false signals with its effective filtration.
  • It is easy to be mounted and released when required.
  • Worry about your money? Don’t. It has the best money back guarantee ever by some sellers. They trust this radar detector to offer the 60-day money back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with its features.
  • Its warranty is 1 year.
  • It is not always easy to prepare and set. Sometimes, saving the false alerts manually can be a tough task.
  • Though the Beltronics Pro 500 Radar Detector has built-in GPS, it does not have auto learn technology.

Beltronics Pro 500 Radar detector with GPS got 4.1 stars of 74 Amazon customer reviews (68% of them are 5 stars).

4) – Valentine One Radar Detector

Valentine One Radar Detector

The radar detector offers 360o protection from all types of laser or speed guns. It has a rear radar antenna and is renowned for providing excellent KU band detection capabilities. Drivers rank it highly as one of the most impressive and best-performing detectors in the industry today. Its multiple radar antennas provide one reason for the excellent rating that the detector enjoys. The location and placement of the antennas are a deliberate decision to provide accurate information.

The detector is capable of giving you accurate information on the direction from which the signal is coming. Its laser reception is unmatched. It’s reinforced power cord coupled with the improved interface has made the detector a great solution for the 21st Century driver. Its detection range is simply unimaginably far ahead of that of the nearest competition. It has no problem tracking multiple targets all at the same time.

It’s able to tell you whether you have already passed, passing or approaching the nearest speed camera. The black unit plus mounts and cables ensure that the detector blends in perfectly with your dashboard. However, it’s advisable to stop parking the car in the sun for too long as this could heat up the detector. In such instances, your best course of action would be to remove the detector when parking the car out in the sun and reattach it when driving off.

Although the high price of Valentine One Radar Detector, it got the rank #18 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors on Amazon. It is one of the highest and best performances in radar detector market.

  • It is easy to use.
  • Do you drive in a crowd of radars? Don’t worry. Valentine One Radar Detector has the ability to track up to 9 threads simultaneously
  • Also, it is excellent for laser detecting.
  • It can guide you to know the exact location of speed gun with its arrows that indicate the direction of the signal.
  • It has a simple volume control
  • It comes with a signal strength indicator
  • It’s detecting range is incredible and then you can safely drive without worrying about speed guns.
  • Raise your sensitivity with its 3 sensitivity settings
  • Valentine One Radar Detector  comes with 1 year warranty
  • There is no App for instant alerts.
  • There is no Auto-Learn feature or manual lockout to filter out the false alert
  • No AutoMute feature. It is manual.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It hasn’t the pre-loaded GPS, Red Light, and Speed Cameras database.

Valentine One Radar Detector got 4.4 stars of 369 Amazon customer reviews (67% of them are 5 stars) and the rank #18 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors.

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Whistler CR90 High Performance Laser Radar Detector: 360 Degree Protection, Voice Alerts, and Internal GPS

Product Description

  • High performance radar detector with 360 degrees of complete perimeter protection; Detects all radar...
  • Total laser detection identifies Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally, and LTI Truspeed S
  • Features Radar Signature ID (RSID), Laser Signature ID (LSID), and POP Mode, real voice alerts, and...
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) and 6 filter modes help eliminate alerts from radar based...
  • Internal GPS provides speed and red light traffic camera locations in North America which can be...

5) – Escort Max 360 Radar Detector – Expensive but Powerful

Escort Max 360

The detector is not only effective at saving time but also money and the hassle associated with getting a speeding ticket. Its front and rear antennas are capable of scanning all directions rapidly. The antennas make the detector capable of detecting new threats much faster and more accurately than its competitors. It’s renowned for unmatched precision and unmatched detection. It comes with a travel case, mute button, alert lamp, and Smart Cord among other features.

The manufacturer raised the bar in the radar detector industry by including the directional indication to this product. The updated product now offers state-of-the-art response time, extreme range, directional alert display and pinpoint precision. You can trust every piece of information that it gives you. It has a GPS mechanism that rejects all false alerts thus ensuring you don’t waste time running or hiding away from non-existent police and law enforcement officers.

Moreover, it is easy to use. The plug and play capabilities of this detector are admirable. It has a DSP that performs remarkably well in scanning the surrounding area quickly and issuing warnings to adjust your speed before the law enforcement officers show up. It filers false alerts very well thus sparing you from relying on your phone or customizing and tweaking different things on the car or gadget. The detector is worth every penny you spend on it.

It is the second Escort on this list and this makes sense. It is programmed by the newest radar detector technology with Escort’s new collision avoidance sensor blocking software. It enables the Max360 to block out most of the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors installed in new cars.

  • It works without band segmentation to extract high performance of Ka-band detection
  • Its sensitivity is very good and high to almost all types of police radar bands (X-band, K-band, 33.8 & 34.7 & 35.5 Ka-band)
  • Also, it is a good detector for police laser
  • It has an exceptional quickness to detect instant-on police radar
  • It comes with directional arrows with different colors for easy band identification
  • It has the most configurable metering system
  • It has the ability to display the actual frequencies of police radar
  • It comes with a built-in GPS for much speed-sensitive sensitivity and photo enforcement database (updateable).
  • You will meet an annoying voice of the overly long trailing alerts that continue to shout even after passing the location of detected radar.
  • You still have a problem with updates because of the lack of USB to a mini-D cable that is required for connection to your computer.
  • It is a very expensive radar detector.
  • It is very biggest and heaviest detector ever in the market.
  • It is hard to read the multi-color OLED display in most of the daylight.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector got 3.9 stars of 300 Amazon customer reviews (51% of them are 5 stars), the rank #3 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors, and it is the best rank of the radar detector device in this list.

ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector - GPS, Directional Alerts, Dual Antenna Front and Rear, Bluetooth Connectivity, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live

Product Description

  • AUTOLEARN TECHNOLOGY - Radar detection customized to your driving style! GPS intelligence, IVT...
  • 360 DEGREE PROTECTION - Forward and rear facing antennas pinpoint threats around your entire...
  • ESCORT LIVE APP - Know what lies on the road ahead! Join our community of drivers and enthusiasts...
  • LIGHTENING FAST PRECISION - True Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides the fastest response rate...
  • GIFTABLE AND GIVEABLE - Spread the love this holiday season by giving your loved one a holiday gift...

6) – Escort RedLine Radar Detector – Best Inexpensive Radar Detector

Escort RedLine 0100025-1

First, it’s worth stating that no detector is 100 percent effective. Nevertheless, this one scores highly in many categories. It ensures that your pocket doesn’t suffer from paying fines meted to you for flouting speed limits. It not only detects but also provides separate alerts and warnings for X, K and KA bands. The detector’s dual antennae design ensures that you get the longest warning time thus making it possible to adjust your speed before the police nab you.

It’s renowned for superior detection. What’s more, the detector is renowned for being invisible thus making law enforcement officers to wonder how you knew about their presence. It has an easy to use the mute and auto-mute feature. Its ultra-bright display makes it impossible not to see the text alerts that come your way warning you of the presence of a speed gun in the vicinity. Its safety radar informs you of any construction or maintenance work taking place on the roads.

What users love most about this detector is its ability to do a splendid job. It has a nice and solid build. Many drivers prefer using it while driving on the busy highways where the need for speed often outweighs all other concerns. Although undetectable, it’s worth setting the K band off as anything can set it off. Although it doesn’t come cheap, the detector is worth every dollar you pay for it because of the savings you will make by avoiding speeding tickets.

It looks like it is the day of Escort radar detectors. It is the third one in this list, and also it is unique and perfect radar detector.

  • TotalShield Technology
  • It is perfect in laser detection by Next Gen Technology.
  • Its alert voice is clear and not annoying.
  • The text display comes with a high definition display
  • Smart brightness control with full dark mode
  • Easy to use, simple to operate.
  • The smart design of the dual antenna is perfect for long detection range.
  • TSR
  • Its  warranty is 1 year
  • There is no GPS
  • There is no alert for over speed.
  • There is no AutoLearn feature.
  • There is no database for Red Light and Speed Cameras locations.
  • It is a little bit expensive.

Escort RedLine Radar Detector got 3.9 stars of 425 Amazon customer reviews (58% of them are 5 stars) and rank #47 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors.

Escort RedLine 0100025-1 Radar Detector

Product Description

  • Escort's team of engineers has created one of the most sensitive radar/laser detectors on the...
  • High-performance radar/laser detector with ultra-bright 280-LED alphanumeric display
  • Detection and separate alerts for Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar...
  • Dual Antennae Design maximizes performance by band, giving you the longest warning time possible
  • AutoMode intelligently reduces false alarms; Total Shield technology makes the RedLine completely...

7) – Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector

Escort Passport 9500ix

The voice alerts that the detector issues are crystal clear. The high-resolution display guarantees that you can read all the alerts irrespective of the surrounding conditions. It has an inbuilt AutoLearn intelligence accompanied by several user-selectable preferences. Its safety warning system informs you about any on-going construction or maintenance works on the roads you wish to travel on within the city or outside on the highways.

It comes with a quick reference card, coiled SmartCord, windshield mount that releases quickly and a comprehensive manual. It rejects false alerts through the GPS-based system. Its mark location feature allows the detector to identify and inform you about speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras among other types of information you need to know to avoid piling up the list of speeding tickets.

One of the attributes that users love about this detector is the 30-day money back guarantee. In addition to this, it’s one of the most sensitive detectors available in the market today. The display is much easier to read at night. At night, the display light gets black so that other people can’t see you using the detector to avoid falling victim to the shenanigans of the law enforcement officers and police who are out to nab you for exceeding the spending limits.

This radar detector is the best one ever in this list. It is not the best in Escort models only but in this list at all. Although Escort Passport 9500IX got the rank #43 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors, it is one of the most common radar detector in the market.

  • It is very easy to use
  • Very clear voice alerts
  • Bright screen and easy to read instructions or alerts
  • It comes with headphone jack and many volume options
  • It detects false alerts and smartly defines it to avoid in future
  • Speed Traps database is available
  • It has the ability to detect many types of police radar
  • Its sensitivity can be adjusted according to your speed
  • It is one of best that has the minimum false hits (almost 0)
  • Its sensitivity is extremely comparing with other detectors.
  • The cars that come with a large amount of RF interference may get false alerts.

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar/Laser Detector got 4.4 stars of 1,844 Amazon customer reviews (69% of them are 5 stars).

Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum Bundle Laser Radar Detector W/Smart Cord Included for Long Range Detection & Fewer False Alerts

Product Description

  • Long range protection with early warnings & Fast response on all radar bands including conventional...
  • Fewer false alerts & GPS enabled with technology for the best performance! Don't settle for the...
  • Bluetooth Smart power cord connects easily! Smart cord live is a revolutionary power cord that...
  • Real-time protection with award winning app Escort live! Our award-winning app and exclusive...
  • Pre-loaded camera locations for ultimate protection! With thousands of safety camera locations,...

8) – Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT – Best Budget Radar Detector 2019 (Under 100$)

Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT

This detector was once the preserve of members of the military. It’s now available to anybody who wants to use it to avoid detection by police and law enforcement officers when exceeding the speed limits. The gadget is the result of more than 30 years of experience that Cobra has in designing quality detectors that perform at the highest levels. Its detection range is nearly double what the best models of the gone eras were known for.

With this detector, users are assured of the latest technology and military grade components. It’s remarkable how well the detector performs considering its sleekness. With circuitry that sweeps super fast, you would have no reason for complaining about failing to identify the location of a police officer hiding in some nondescript location to nab you while you’re racing without any concern for the speed limits.

The detector comes in a box that also has instructions, power cord, Velcro, windshield mount, and S radar. What’s more, it is super silent when drivers use it in the city mode. Its bars keep increasing as a way of warning you about an approaching police officer. Its display is bright enough to make it possible for you to read the warnings during the day or on the cover of the night. The simple set up and quick booting are two other excellent qualities that it has.

What is the unique feature of Cobra radar detector? Its price is under $100 and this definitely the cheapest radar detector in this list. Of course, this feature doesn’t mean that Cobra is not working well as other detectors.

  • Bluetooth technology.
  • It comes with Location-based alerts (LBAs).
  • It comes with VG-2, Spectre 1 and IV Radar Detector-Detector.
  • It got the 2014 Innovations & Design Engineering Award.
  • It comes with military-grade components.
  • Its OLED display is bright and colored.
  • You can set a speed warning according to your requirements.
  • Enjoy joining iRadar Community and receiving or sharing useful information about Cobra.
  • It comes with 8 point GPS compass.
  • You can change the mode of detecting between City and Highway modes.
  • It detects all major signals with high performance.
  • It comes with IntelliShield false signal rejection.
  • Its body is small and compact.
  • Its warranty is 1 year.
  • You need time to learn all the features with Cobra.
  • It doesn’t support Windows smartphone.
  • It relies on phone’s GPS because it hasn’t built-in GPS.
  • It hasn’t AutoLearn feature to filter out false alerts automatically.
  • It can’t mark locations to filter out false alerts.
  • You need to pair with a smartphone to use all the advanced features
  • It may drain your phone’s battery quickly, according to your phone type or battery capacity.

Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT got 3.5 stars of 377 Amazon customer reviews (45% of them are 5 stars) and rank #16 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors.

Cobra Electronics SPX 7800BT Maximum Performance Radar/Laser/Camera Detector

Product Description

  • Ultra-low-noise, signal amplifiers that once were affordable only to military systems
  • Low-microwave-loss circuitry utilizing gold-plated circuit boards
  • Use of flip-chip Mixer/Multiplier diodes in packages that were once unattainable
  • First Local Oscillator Transistor (Super-low-noise, high-mobility J-FET) that has been chosen to...
  • Powerful CPU that enables sweeping of the entire police radar band spectrum in less than 240...

9) – Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Escort Solo S3 Cordless

Escort Solo S3 cordless radar detector is a portable and advanced one that is packed with features. It is best to be used if you want to protect yourself from police reinforcement officers. It doesn’t have a cord, and thus it can be kept in your vehicle without any hassle. It can be used with a battery and is very easy to operate. You just have to place it on the dashboard or your windshield so that you keep an eye on the alerts. It provides long-range detection and has an enhanced OLED display that makes it very readable while the user is driving the vehicle. The Escort Solo S3 is ideal for those people who travel a lot.

To start using it, you have to press the power button that is present on the left side of the front panel. The same button is used to switch it off. When your vehicle has stopped and half an hour has passed, the auto-off function will make the radar detector switch off to conserve energy. You can also select the sensitivity by choosing between the different modes; Auto, city, and highway modes. The Escort Solo S3 gives different sound alerts for different types of notifications. When it detects other signals, it gives alerts that will increase in intensity as you get closer to the source. It has multiple laser sensor diodes for laser detection. This radar detector review has many other features such as signal strength meter, expert meter, high-resolution graphics display, auto-mute, programmable features, and good battery life. It can be easily mounted and removed from your vehicle when you want.

It is the last Escort for this day, I promise. We end Escort family with Solo S3 and it is medium radar detector for both features and price.

  • It is easy usage.
  • It comes with an OLED display
  • You have both options for using battery or cord.
  • You can use the preferred Sensibility Mode:  Auto, Highway & City Mode
  • 9 EZ programming mode
  • It comes with VG-2 immunity that means you won’t get found by this most common type of radar detector (RDD).
  • It has a very long range detection
  • Its warranty is 1 year.
  • It doesn’t work with overspeed.
  • No live app for instant alerts
  • It doesn’t work well with traffic flow system that may cause a lot of false alerts.
  • There is no GPS and so you can’t mark and lockout locations with false alerts.
  • Also, there is no Red Light feature and speed trap database.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector got 4.1 stars of 385 Amazon customer reviews (60% of them are 5 stars) and rank #19 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Product Description

  • Radar Receiver/Detector Type: Super heterodyne, GaAs FET VCO; Scanning Frequency Discriminator;...
  • Laser Detector: Quantum Limited Video Receiver; Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes
  • Display Type: High-Resolution Graphic; OLED Display
  • Power Requirement: 2 AA Batteries, or Escort SmartCord (Optional)
  • Programmable Features: SOLO S3 packs 9-user programmable features, allowing you to customize it for...

10) – Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector

Beltronics GT-7
  • 360° protection from all radar bands and laser
  • Detects 3 radar bands (selectable) and pop
  • Digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and pop
  • Exclusive threat display tracks and displays multiple radar signals including strength
  • New technology to reduce false alerts: digital signal processing, auto scan, & traffic signal rejection

The detector provides alerts for Ku, Ka, K and X bands. It also has a safety warning system that keeps you well informed of any construction or maintenance work that’s taking place along the roads you wish to drive on. The detector is easy to use thus making it ideal while driving on the highways or busy city roads without being distracted from your main goal of reaching your destination on time and safely.

The newly added AutoScan mode ensures the detector is capable of intelligently reducing the annoying false alarms of the past. The detector remains undetected with law enforcement primarily because of its immunity to VG-2 radar detection. The ultra-bright alphanumeric display makes it possible for the driver to see and read all warnings in good time before police suddenly pounce on the car from nowhere.

Users love this detector because it enables them to drive safely while saving money. Although it’s affordable, the detector has features that are more commonly associated with high-end gadgets. These high-end features include sturdy windshield mount, digital signal processing, VG-2 immunity and three levels of brightness. It comes in a box contains owner’s manual, quick-release windshield mount, coiled power cord, and a radar or laser detector.

It is the second Beltronics and the last in this list (also, it is the last of this list). Beltronics GT-7 is one of the medium radar detector review in both of specs and price.

  • It comes with Long Range Detection and Digital Signal Processing.
  • Its GPS Technology is smart and effective.
  • It filters false alerts effectively with its False Alert Filter System.
  • It is compatible with Escort Live.
  • Escort Live doesn’t work alone. You Need To Buy an Extra Smart-cord to use it.
  • Also, you need to pay a subscription for Escort Live App to can use it.
  • There is no Bluetooth Technology

Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector got 4.3 stars of 62 Amazon customer reviews (65% of them are 5 stars) and the rank #254 in Electronics > Car Electronics > Radar Detectors.

Beltronics GT-7 Radar Detector

Product Description

  • 360° protection from all radar bands and laser
  • Detects 3 radar bands (selectable) and pop
  • Digital voice and audio tone alerts for radar, laser, and pop
  • Exclusive threat display tracks and displays multiple radar signals including strength
  • New technology to reduce false alerts: digital signal processing, auto scan, & traffic signal...

Radar Detector Biying Guide

What is A Radar Detector?

At first, we want to know what radar detector is exactly and what it does. A Radar Detector is an electronic device used by car drivers to avoid being caught by Law Enforcement or Police for exceeding the legal speed on this road.

Radar Detector is monitoring your speed and gives you a warning if you override this normal speed.  Once you get this warning you should reduce your speed to avoid the catching of Speed Gun. Speed Gun is an electronic device, too. It is basically designed to reduce the percentage of car accidents (Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day).

So, you share the perfect action for speeding with your radar detector. It warns you and then you reduce your speed for a while till you skip the speed gun radar distance.

Do Police Radar Detectors Really Work?

Can you really dodge the police radar speed gun? Like Hamlet said: This is the question. I have to be honest and persuasive with you. So, let’s check it from the start point.

How does speed gun work?

Most police use a Doppler radar. Doppler radar is the radar that uses the Doppler Effect to record a velocity data about certain objects at a certain distance. Simply, Doppler radar stands in your road to check the speed of your car by this technology that is discovered by Christian Doppler.

The main idea of Doppler Effects stands on the change of frequency or wavelength of a wave. It connects the relationship between the wave and its action. Ok, to make it as simple as much, let’s explain it through this familiar example.

When you hear the sound of a distant train, it is a low sound, and the closer the train gets the higher the sound. Doppler Effect measures the difference between sound waves (or light waves) between a moving object in a location and another one (or many locations). Of course, this data is recorded at multiple times to conclude the speed and distance.

That’s it. I hope it clear enough.

So, the officer shot radio waves to your car and wait for waves back that tell him how fast you are driving.

Radar detector works with the same technology. It uses the same Doppler band and checks for radio frequencies. When your detector finds some spy waves, it comes back quickly to warn you.

Does all Police Radars use this technology in detecting high driving speeds? The answer is: No. Some of them use this traditional method and some of them preferred beating the radar detectors by using higher technology radars like Lidar or Ladar. But generally, Radar Detector is still working in most countries and legal, too (except Virginia).

So, if we are going to conclude this answer, it will be: Yes, police radar detectors are really work in most cases.

What Are RDDs in Radar Protection?

As I mentioned above, the Radar Detector is legal in many countries and illegal in some. In illegal areas, police officers are used to using a special detector to catch drivers who use a radar detector. This device is called: Radar Detector Detector or in short as RDD.

The main idea of RDD is the same as Doppler radar or Radar Detector Review. It works like radar guns but for discovering the drivers who used a radar detector in areas where it is declared illegal.

What are countries where the radar detector illegal?

Basically, the radar detector is legal in most of the countries (it is legal in almost 40 states of the USA) but it is illegal for all vehicles in:

  • Washington D.C.
  • Virginia
  • Illinois
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Minnesota
  • California

What is RDD Protection?

Whenever a technology appears, there is a protection technology on the other side. Look at this funny picture:

  • Law Enforcement invents a device to check how drivers commit with speed limits by Doppler Radar.
  • Drivers try to protect themselves from detecting by Doppler Radar by using Radar Detector (the device that detects radars waves and I offer top 10 of it on this list).
  • Law Enforcement uses a new device called Radar Detector Detector (RDD) in countries that are not allowing the radar detector for discovering the drivers who use a radar detector.
  • Finally, drivers come with VG-2 and Spectre protection that allows you to know if police enforcement uses RDD or not.

As you can imagine, it turned into a Ping-Pong match and each part of this equation (driver and law enforcement) tries to win and beat his competitor.

How we choose the Right Radar Detector in 2019?

The task of choosing a radar detector can be boring and annoying as there are so many devices on the market. So, the idea is to know and determine your needs and preferences and then go for the one that is perfect for your driving. Following are the tips to choose the right radar detector in 2019:

  • The first thing to look for is the type of radar detector. There are corded, cordless, and remote-mount detectors and each of them has different features. A corded radar detector offers a good range, but a cordless detector is easy to install.
  • Laser detection should be of 360 degrees because a device with one laser detector will detect laser beams only in front of it.
  • Digital voice alerts is another feature to consider. Voice alerts make it easier for you to drive as you don’t have to look at the detector.
  • City models are very efficient as they reduce the chance of false alerts and make it easier for you to drive peacefully.
  • Long range is one of the most important features of a radar detector and thus you should try to get a device with the longest possible detection range.

Should I need to buy a new Radar Detector?

Of course, the answer is: Yes. You have to buy a radar detector, especially if you live in a country that considers a radar detector as a legal practice. It protects you from being caught by speed gun and getting tickets.

So, it is a wise decision to own a radar detector to work for your comfort and lifestyle.

Finally, this is the radar detector reviews of top 10 best radar detector on the market 2019. Check them all before taking your buying decision. You will notice a difference in prices and specs. Choose the best for you according to your budget and specs you are looking for. Also, don’t forget to check the legality of using the radar detector in your country before buying and how to deal with.

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