The Best Rotary Tool Review in 2019

The rotary tool  is a very versatile piece of the workshop. It is polishing, cutting, engraving, shaping and sanding with high speed and power control hand. Usually, a rotary tool is used for metal, but it is good for wood and plastic, too.

Generally, rotary tools are two families: Cut-out Rotary Tools and Basic Rotary Tools.

The first family is for hard work. It called cut-out tools. It has a larger motor (so, it is heavier than basic) and heavier weight. Also, it’s hard to control (it needs a Schwarzenegger Manj). It is perfect for cutting through building materials. Its power is averaging between 3 and 5 amps.

The second family is for basic or detail work. It is perfect for smoothing or shaping. Of course, it has a smaller motor, lighter weight and easier in control. Its power is around 1 amp. It’s easy to carry, use and control.

In the following list, I’m going to review The 7 best rotary tools I’ve ever met in both of my personal life and careers.

So, read it carefully before making the decision of buying the best tool.

The Dremel 8220 rotary tool is a variable-speed cordless best rotary tool that offers versatility and high performance of all Dremel cordless best rotary tools. This rotary tool has a very powerful motor that facilitates maximum performance at all levels of speed.

Dremel 8220’s set of accessories gives you the ability to complete a wide range of tasks and projects. By the way, Dremel 8220 can be used with all Dremel accessories and attachments. And with the slim ergonomic body and 360-degree grip zone you can use it in any position comfortably, plus the easiness of accessories changing. This rotary tool design gives you more control. Its power voltage is only 12-volt lithium-ion battery technology, plus a 1-hour charger for minimal downtime.

For who uses Dremel 8200 rotary tool, what the difference between it and his brother?

Well, the Dremel 8220 rotary tool has 33% longer run-time than his old brother – Dremel 8200 cordless rotary tool – especially when cutting screws.

Finally, Dremel 8220 rotary tool has 4.7 stars on 908 customer reviews on Amazon (81% of them are 5 stars). And its warranty is 2 years limited warranty. Dremel 8220 rotary tool comes in a case with 28 accessories and 2 attachments.

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So, let’s meet the micro edition of Dremel: The Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro.

Dremel Micro tool has a unique feature: It is 2.5 pounds of weight and so it is easy to handle and very effective for use and control especially for tight spaces and detailed projects. Of course, this all comes with a sleek ergonomic design.

It is not the only unique feature of Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro tool, we have more things. It has a fuel gauge that gives you an indicator of the optimal use. Also, the front-end lighting gives you a more clear vision, plus the variable speed indicator.

Finally, the docking station is not only chic or elegant design but also it is smart for continuous use. It makes Dremel Micro fully charged and ready to use anytime. So, don’t worry about the lost time in preparing and charging your rotary tool.

The best and smart design of Dremel Micro tool gives you high control and easiness of handling. It can be held between the thumb and forefinger like a pen. This smart handling gives you the control of all precise work that requires a high level of precision. Moreover, you can work close to the workpiece with superior maneuverability and control that has never happened before with all Dremel versions.

Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro tool has 5 speeds from 5,000 rpm to 25,000 that you can adjust it by 2 buttons on the top of the tool. It is powered by integrated high capacity 8-volt lithium-ion battery for longer run-time.

Your experience with Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro will be incredibly interesting like 243 customers on Amazon that made it 4.4 stars evaluation. (68% of them are 5 stars).

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WEN 2305 is No.1 Best Seller on Amazon with less than $20 price (current price). Actually, it is the distinctive benefit of WEN 2305 rotary tool: The affordable price.

There are 2 versions of WEN 2305 rotary tool: With shaft and without. (Check the 7th in the list) Actually, the best flexible lightweight shaft attachment is an incredible tool for precision work. It is best for detailed and precise work. So, it is good for sanding, polishing, drilling, cutting, grinding shaping, deburring, and more precise tasks.

Its weight is 3.4 pounds. Of course, the flex shaft is light and easy to use. It’s 1 amp motor (double insulated for more safety) with speed from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm.

You couldn’t imagine how many things you can achieve with this incredible rotary tool; drawing and engraving on glass, renewing masterpieces, cleaning and restoring the older pieces of furniture, scratching stuck stuff, or even building your own business.

You can start an art business with such a rotary tool. You can make artworks and sell it to others. You can launch a cleaning service for masterpieces for others. Be open-minded and think widely. As I mentioned above; it is an incredible rotary tool.

The WEN 2305 rotary toolbox includes a 100-piece accessories of bits, sanding discs, polishing pads, mandrels and more. Again, imagine what you could do with all of these pieces.

All of the previous come with this price and 4.3 stars rating of 2,981 customer reviews on Amazon (62% of them are 5 stars). Finally, WEN 2305 has a 1-year limited warranty.

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All of Kawasaki best tools are designed and manufactured by Alltrade Tools LLC which is a global leader in this industry. It was founded in 1979 and of course, this reflects the big experience of such a company.

A company like Alltrade Tools LLC should protect her reputation. So, Kawasaki 840589 rotary tool is well tested for durability and made using high-quality standards.

Its motor power is 1 amp and can work with speeds from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm. Its accessory tool kit contains 190 pieces of different pieces that each one of them has its own feature and task. All of them are well organized in toolkit case that keeps them. You may have noticed that WEN 2305 is corded rotary.

WEN 2305 rotary tool  got a rating of 4.3 stars of 121 Amazon Customer Reviews (58% of them are 5 stars).

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DEWALT DW660 rotary tool is perfectly designed for hard work and rugged jobs. It is a corded rotary tool accessories with the power of 5 amp motor. This allows working with more cutting power that is up to 30,000 rpm.

With these rotary tool don’t worry about hard tasks or difficult stuff or prolonged use. Also, it has  dust-sealed accessories that protects against dust ingestion for longer switch life.

It has the ability to plunge and cut through 1.5 inches of solid birch, whizzing through drywall and also tearing through tile or even plywood. The power of this rotary tool is more than you can expect from such a size.

DEWALT DW660 got 4.4 stars on customer reviews on Amazon (67% of them are 5 stars).

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Black & Decker RTX-6 comes with a superior power of 2 amps and high torque. This provides 3 adjustable different speeds with high efficiency. Its speeds are 12,000 – 24,000 – 30,000 rpm. These speeds are well assigned for precision work.

This allows you to perform a wide range of different required tasks like cutting, sanding, grinding, carving, polishing, and much more, over-molded with the maximum convenience.

It is a corded electric power source rotary tool. It covers over-molded grips and this offers more comfort in use, plus protection of course.

What’s in the box?

  • (1) RTX 3-speed rotary tool
  • (27) accessories
  • (2) spring clamps
  • (1) wrench
  • (1) soft-sided carry case with accessory compartment
  • (1) User manual

(Source: Amazon)

Also, Black & Decker RTX-6 has a universal collet system that accepts any standard rotary tools accessories. Its warranty is for 2 years.

Black & Decker RTX-6 got 4.2 stars by customer reviews on Amazon (60% of them are 5 stars).

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It is the second WEN on this list. It seems like the WEN challenge is the cheap price.  WEN 2307 is less than $15 (current best price).

Unlike his previous twin in this list, WEN 2307 comes without flex shaft. This may make a little bit different in weight. WEN 2307 weighs 1.9 pounds. Except for this feature, it’s the same as WEN 2305. It is perfect for shaping, sanding, polishing, cutting, drilling, deburring, grinding and more.

Also, it works with variable speeds from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm and like his brother the accesories and toolkit includes 100 pieces of accessories. Accessories include sets of bits, sanding discs, polishing pads, mandrels and more (Bit Changing Wrench, 2 Felt Polishing Wheels, 2 High-Speed Cutters, 10 Grinding Stones, 54 Sanding Discs, 1 Dressing Stone, 20 Cut-Off Wheels, 4 Sander Bands, 1 Drum Sander, 2 Mandrels, 2 Drill Bits, 2 Collets. Source: Amazon).

WEN 2307 got 4.3 stars of customer reviews on Amazon (62% of them are 5 stars).

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In the end, you have to know the reasons that make you buy the best  rotary tool. In this article, I tried to conclude the 7 best rotary tool  that are available on the market right now. So, check the list again and choose the suitable the best rotary tool for you.

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