The 10 Best TV Wall Mount Full Motion 2019

The 10 Best TV Wall Mount Full Motion 2019

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As far as TV mounts are concerned, how you opt to exhibit your flat screen TV is based on such a lot of diverse factors. The viewing habits of yours could determine the Best TV wall mount 2019 that you decide on. For a number of people, however, looks can be the most vital factor, and the matter has to do with the way a specific mount will complement the present decor. A TV that is for use as an element in any retail/business show requires a completely different sort of wall mount. Finally, the choice is of yours to decide on the sort of mount that will offer the finest viewing experience, utility, and profile. In the section below are 10 of the trendiest forms of TV mounts.

The Top 10 TV Wall Mount Full Motion 2019

1) – VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 22″-55″:

The Videos ECU mount’s a mounting answer for all monitors sized between 22″ and 42″. This wall mount features 4 detachable mount adapters.

Extendable VESA

It is capable of extending the VESA to 400×300, 400×400, 300×300, 400×200, and 300×200. You should check the TV VESA of yours. Weighty gauge steel building offers security loading till 88lbs monitor.

Tilt and swivel

The mount with that ultra-modern look presents 15 degrees onward and 5 degrees rearward tilt, the swivel of 180 degrees and expansion till 20 inches for seeing perspective and TV situation adjustment.

Detachable VESA plate

The detachable VESA plate can be removed for simple installation.


  • Post setting up level alteration lets the TV to level just right
  • Swivel, Tilt, & rotate for greatest viewing elasticity and VESA plate is removable for trouble-free installation by a single individual
  • Mount is retractable to 2.2″ for saving space and extends 20″ from a wall
  • The pack includes regular mounting hardware, HDMI Cable of 10 ft and Magnetic Bubble Level of 6″ and 3 Axis.


According to some mounting of the installed bracket against the TV isn’t easy.


This is a great TV mount due to its Easy installation and complete versatility. It’s a grand way of maximizing space.

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VideoSecu ML531BE2 TV Wall Mount kit with Free Magnetic Stud Finder and HDMI Cable for Most 26-55 TV and New LED TV up to 60 inch VESA 400x400 Full Motion with 20 inch Articulating Arm WP5

Product Description

  • Heavy gauge steel mount supports TV up to 88 lbs. Compatible with VESA (mounting hole pattern)...
  • Tilt, pan and 20” pull out from the wall provides maximum viewing flexibility.
  • Low profile mount retracts to 2 1/2" and nests centered on the wall
  • Free Magnetic stud finder included for black Friday sales start 11/27/19
  • 6ft HDMI cable and mounting hardware included in this mounting kit

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2) – VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion TV Wall Mount:

Monitors it is ideal for

This VideoSecu complete motion-articulating mount’s devised for mid to great size LCD LED Plasma level panel screen monitor.

Screens its can handle and TV VESAs it supports

Made from steel of high gauge it can handle screens till 165lbs. This articulating mount is capable of supporting TV VESA 600×300, 600×400, 500×300, 600×200, 400×300, 400×400, 300×300, 400×200, 200×100, and 200×200 mm.

Twin arm design

Twin arm design lets 160 degrees swivel long from side-to-side, 15 degrees onward and 5 degrees rearward tilt and expands the level panel screen till 25″ from the walls for ideal view site and lessen glare.


  • Supports display till 165 lbs with changeable tilt of +15/-5 degrees & side-to-side swiveling for relaxed viewing angle
  • Lock & release security system blueprint on each mounting bracket, arm with Cable management, and simple installation and alteration
  • Its Arm folds below 3″ /extend 25″ from the wall
  • Level adjustment following installation lets the TV to level just right
  • Its wide wall plate is capable of supporting till 18″ studs


According to some, it’s sort of stiff and thus shifting it isn’t as simple as they would prefer


This is an overwhelming wall mount due to its build, welding, and top-notch materials, Great cost and simple installation.

VideoSecu MW380B2 Full Motion Articulating Dual Arms TV Wall Mount Bracket for 37-70 Inch LED, LCD and Plasma HDTV A37 by VideoSecu

Product Description

  • Compatible with most 37" - 70" flat panel LCD LED Plasma displays ;
  • Tilt 15 degree up and down, Swivel: +60/-60 degree
  • Extended : 4" - 25" Supports display up to 165 lbs; VESA compliant 200x100mm up to 684x400mm
  • Heavy gauge steel construction. Bonus 7ft HDMI Cable Post-installation level adjustment allows the...

3) – Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount:

TV sizes that it fits

This mount fits TVs that range from 26 to 55″. It also fits TVs having mounting holes from 3″X3″ to 16″x16″.

The VESAs that it fits

It can fit VESA 100X100mm, 75X75mm, 200X150mm, 200X100mm, 300X200mm, 200X200mm, 400X200mm, 300X300mm, 400X400mm, and 400X300mm.

Space Saver

Its articulating arm lets this mount retract till 3″ for saving space, and expands till 16″ commencing walls.


  • Makes for comfortable viewing by tilting TV upward 5 and downward 15 for reducing glare, and swiveling TV left/ right in line with where you are seated
  • It is easy to set up with respectable instructions with all incorporated hardware coming in bags that are pre-labeled.
  • Its robot welding Know-how makes the complete unit well built and secure.
  • US-based client support offers you with answers to all your pre-buying and setting up questions.


A review says that the screws that keep the bracket in position do not have a top-notch design


What makes this a great buy are its simple installation and having the required tools.

Mounting Dream TV Wall Mounts TV Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch Flat Screen TV/ Mount Bracket, Full Motion TV Wall Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 400x400mm, 99 LBS Loading MD2380

Product Description

  • UNIVERSAL TV MOUNT: The wall mount fits for most of 32-55 inch TVs up to 99 lbs. , with max VESA of...
  • UPGRADE VIEWING EXPERIENCE: TV bracket tilts TV up 5° and down 15° to reduce glare, swivels TV...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: TV wall mounts with decent instruction and hardware in pre-labeled bags. +/-3°...
  • HEAVY DUTY UNIT: The technology of robot welding makes this wall mount TV bracket sturdy and safe.
  • US BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: We are glad to answer your pre-purchase and installation questions about...

4) – Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount for 37-80-Inch:

 This tilting wall mount fits the larger parts of flat paneled TVs between 37 inches and 80 inches.

Virtual Axis know-how

Its Virtual Axis know-how lets the tilting motion of 10 degrees at a finger’s touch for helping decrease glare.

Lateral shift capability

Its Lateral shift capability facilitates the centering of your TV on walls, even with studs that are off-center.

Locking system

Its Locking system holds TVs steadily in position on top of wall plate


  • Its Universal mounting blueprint is meant for TV’s as well as Monitors between 37″ and 80″ while sitting a mere 1.9″ off walls.
  • A locking mechanism having fast release secures TVs to walls easily
  • It’s UL-listed and this assures quality and protection


 One says that the screws that are included in the pack won’t fit Samsung 65 “Curved TVs.


 All in all, this is a great buy for smaller TVs and the great thing is that it Works just as advertised.

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Sanus Low Profile Tilt Wall Mount for 37-80-Inch TV and Monitor

Product Description

  • Tilts up to 15º with the touch of a finger for the perfect viewing angle, free from screen glare

5) – Mount-It! Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket TV’s that it fits:

This hard-wearing tilt TV mount’s meant for TVs between 42 and 70 inches.


It’s fashioned out of cold-rolled & high-grade steel of a thickness of 2mm. With its inflexible non-breakable wall-plate and a couple of modifiable brackets, it’s able to securely hold a flat display TV of a maximum of 220 lbs.

General Compatibility

It is amongst the greatest tilt mounts that you’ll find in the marketplace. It’s modifiable brackets make this compatible with nearly all TVs available between 42″ and 70″.


  • Its general brackets for TV wall mounting fit nearly every flat-panel TV between 42″ and 70″
  • It’s VESA compatible 400×200, 300×300, 400X400, 400×300, 600×300, 600×200, 700×400, 600×400, 750×450, 700×450, 850×450, 800×450
  • Can Fits TVs having installation holes till 34″ spaced out parallel and 17.7″ spaced out upright
  • Its carrying capacity is 220 lbs

Very simple installation

It includes absolute hardware kit, incorporated bubble level meant for placement and set up instructions.


A review says that it has a dreadful stand with intricate assembly. It says that this was too intricate to assemble.


It’s a great buy for many reasons that include easy mounting.  But the best among all its pros is its price.

5% OFF
Mount-It! Large Tilting TV Wall Mount Bracket | 42 43 50 55 58 65 70 75 80 Inch | 220 Pound Capacity | VESA Compatible | Low Profile | Flat Screens

Product Description

  • Designed for larger TVs - 43 49 50 55 58 65 70 75 80 inches in size, up to 220 pounds, and will fit...
  • Bracket mounts to the TV using the VESA bolt hole pattern found on the back of the television, which...
  • Incredibly strong 2mm thick reinforced steel holds up to a whopping 220 pounds. Supports block wall...
  • Tool-free, easy tilt feature tilts 15 degrees, reducing glare when necessary. Low-profile bracket...
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty, and our friendly, US-based customer service department will be happy...

6) – ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount:

200×100 till 600×400 in collective increments

Extension and profile

It has a 16” a TV expansion from Walls and 2.6” Profiles from Wall


Of a maximum of 150 degrees side-to-side

Tension Adjustable

The reason behind this is the use of Hex Key of 7/32” on top of Joint Bolts


5° upward and 15° downward


Totally uncontaminated High-Grade Steel having Plastic Ended Caps for television interface


V1.4 speedy cable having bandwidth for supporting 3D, 1080p, & UHD/ 4K 2160P photo @ 60 frames per second Length 6 ft.


  • This heavy-gauge general TV mount is capable of holding between 37″ and 70″ TVs that weigh till 132lbs. It’s been tested for holding 4 times the heaviness it’s rated to.
  • Mounting hasn’t been so simple ever with just 30 minutes needed for installation on studs of 16″, with every single piece of hardware incorporated and pre-separated.
  • Excellent customer assistance team answers phones during Sundays.
  • Come with warranty is 5 years


According to a review sans spacers, the bolts of 35mm are excessively lengthy while spacers they’re too petite


It’s several great features that include Easy to installation, grand directions, and extremely great build make it a great buy.

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA Patterns up to 600 x 400-16" Extension - EGLF1-BK

Product Description

  • This full motion TV wall mount does it all. Extend out 16” and swivel 130º to give any seat in...
  • We take pride in your time which is why we developed a 3-step installation process and a manual that...
  • Nervous about hanging a TV on a wall? We don’t blame you. Which is why we test all of our TV...
  • LG TV? Sony? Vizio? Samsung? Not a problem. Our hardware bags provide a wide assortment of screws to...
  • What are you waiting for? Click that add to cart button and let’s get that TV mounted! Questions...

7) –Mount-It! MI-2065L Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm:

This articulating television wall mount presents tremendous adaptability with the greatest expansion of 20″ commencing from the wall.

The TV’s that it fits

It’s fitting for LED & LED TVs, in dimensions varying between 23″ and 55″.

Sleek look and sturdy

It has a swivel arm design that is unbelievably sturdy. Powder covered steel build and ornamental plates present a shiny, up-to-the-minute look.

What comes in the pack?

Included in the pack is a complimentary 3-axis bubble for convenience that makes corner installations easy. It is also accompanied by an entire hardware kit and setting up instructions.


  • Its general bracket design for TV wall mounting fits the greater part of LCD/LED/Plasma TVs between 23 and 55” on the marketplace
  • It fits VESA till 400×400 & 66 lbs.
  • It’s compatible with Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG, Vizio, Insignia, Toshiba, Haier, Element, Sharp, and TCL TVs.
  • Its Full motion ability makes is ultimate for corner setting up, above a fireplace, within a TV center.
  • This slim mount’s devised for installation on a solitary wall stud.

Cons A review states that

it’s somewhat rigid in movement and thus you require spraying some lubricant for making its movement easier.


Several adaptations of this form of the mount are present. However, this is grand if you’re keen on a hard-wearing mount for taking a weightier TV.    

Mount-It! MI-2065L Full Motion Swivel Articulating Arm LCD, LED 4K TV Wall Mount Bracket for 23-55 inch Screen Size, Compatible with VESA 400x400, 66 lbs Capacity, Tilt, Swivel, and Rotation Motion

Product Description

  • Universal TV wall mounting bracket design fits most of 23-55" LCD/LED/Plasma TVs on the market (even...
  • This wall mounting kit is compatible with Samsung, Sony, LG, Sharp, Insignia, Vizio, Haier, Toshiba,...
  • Tilt, Swivel, Articulate, Extend, Collapse and Rotate with this universal TV wall mounting bracket....
  • Continuous Tilt Feature (up to 15 degrees down or up) for Better Viewing Angle and Reduced Glare....
  • Weight rated to 66 lbs. This bracket is one of the strongest single arm articulating brackets...

8) – Mounting Dream MD2296 UL Certified TV Wall Mount:

This mount’s UL certified and has been verified for having 4 times the claimed loading heaviness capacity.

 TVs that it fits

 It Fits TVs sized between 42 and 70″ and TVs having mounting holes till a closeness of 4″x4″ or width of 24″x16″

VESAs that it fits

 It can fit for VESA 200X100, 100X100, 200X200, 200X150, 300X300, 300X200, 400X300, 400X200, 500X300, 400X400, 600X400, and 600X200 mm.

Design of dual articulating arm

 Its design of dual articulating arm let it retract till 3″ towards the wall for saving space and extending till 16″ from walls. 


  • A hard-wearing unit can fit for the greater range of TVs between 42 and 70″, TVs till 100 LBS, having utmost 600 x 400mm VESA.
  • Its mounts have been verified of 4 times loading capability.
  • It makes viewing comfy as it tilts TV till 5 upward and 15 downward for reducing glare, swivels television left / right in keeping with your site of seating.
  • It Pulls out till 15 and retracts back till 2.8, which makes the TV active to move.
  • Easy set up with respectable teaching and all incorporated hardware in bags that come with labeling


A review states that the customer service section of the company isn’t responsive.


This mount will deliver more than what you expect. The unit is simple and the quality’s exceptional.

17% OFF
Mounting Dream TV Mount Bracket for 42-70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, Full Motion TV Wall Mounts with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms , Heavy Duty Design - Max VESA 600x400mm , 100 LBS Loading , MD2296

Product Description

  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN TV MOUNT: TV wall mounts with strong dual arms fits for most of 42-70" TVs up to...
  • UPGRADE YOUR VIEWING EXPERIENCE: Full motion TV wall mount makes Viewing more comfortable, tilts TV...
  • STABILITY & SAFETY: Technology of robot welding makes whole TV mounting bracket unit sturdy and...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: TV mount with decent instruction, mounting template, 9ft HDMI cable, torpedo...
  • WORLD-CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our US based customer service experts are available Every day of the...

9) – ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount:

 Featuring till 180° of even swiveling ability, this intermediate full-motion TV mount’s a genuine mover.

Very sturdy

It’s tested for security and has UL Certification for holding till 60 lbs, you’re able to stay guaranteed that your LED, LCD / Plasma TV between 26″ and 55″ is going is be secure on its well-built arm.

VESA Compatibility

VESA Compatibility is 200×100, 100×100, 300×300, 200×200, 400×300, 400×200, & 400×400.


It is fashioned out of Steel of High Grade

Swivel To 180 degrees at sides

Tension Adjustable

This is possible by the use of 7/32” Hexagonal Key on dual Bolts


·         This TV mount that is heavy-gauge has lofty standards capable of holding TVs between 26″ and 55″ that weigh till 60lbs.

  • It’s been tested for holding 4 amount of the heaviness it’s rated to.
  • Easily followable training and live setup assistance are accessible on a daily basis in a week.
  • Pulling out till 20″ while back till 2.9″ from a wall provides your TV with smooth moves
  • It’s natural 180° swiveling ability offers you the finest view from all seats in the residence.
  • It has a warranty of 5 years

Cons A concern that some reviews state is that its definite mounting wasn’t a bit that is achievable with just a couple of people.

Verdict It is a great deal for several reasons among which is phenomenal customer service.

13% OFF
ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 26-55 Inch TVs – Extend, Tilt and Swivel Your TV - Easy Single Stud Install

Product Description

  • DIY in no time. Our easy to follow instructions and simple 3-step install process make mounting your...
  • Smoothly articulates for an awesome view from any seat in the room. Extend & swivel to position your...
  • Window glare bugging you? 15º tilt capability makes adjustments easy. No tools, no fuss, no hands....
  • Our durable steel mounts accommodate almost any VESA pattern & TVs up to 55". The included hardware...
  • We're here for you. ECHOGEAR TV mount experts are available 7 days a week to help you finish your...

10) –  Invision TV Wall Mount Bracket Swivel 20 Inch:

This item is matter-of-fact and exclusive as it folds off tidily to an inspiring 46mm well beneath 2”.

Great compatibility

It’s engineered for compatibility with the majority of models & makes of TVs having VESA mounting holes of 100mm x 200mm, 100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 300mm, 200mm x 200mm, 250mm x 400mm, 200mm x 400mm, 300mm x 400mm, 300mm x 300mm & 400mm x 400mm.

What comes in this pack?

With M5, M4, M6 / M8 fixing lock up this simply installable bracket features all the required hardware as well as an installation guide.


  • Well-matched TV Mounting Holes between 100mm x 100mm and 400mm x 400mm.
  • It fits the greater part of LCD/ LED/Plasma/3D/4K/ & Curved monitors between 26 & 55 Inch.
  • Its unparalleled ultra slender wall distance is 46mm and its utmost arm extension is 500mm.
  •  Made to the utmost specification CE approved item 88lbs greatest TV load capability.
  • Tilting action know-how makes +10° tilt downwards & -2° tilt upwards & 180° rotary motion adjustment possible
  • Warranty of 25 years on every part covered by its Invision item Warranty.


 Some reviews state that they found the TV uneven from definite angles


 It’s a stupendous amount to have for its grand wall brackets, effortless installation, and descriptive directions, to name a few.

Summing up finally

It will be hard to find a TV mount and especially in 2018 that is better than the models mentioned here. Another plus point is that all of these have received some great client reviews. If any of you are looking for a TV mount do not hesitate and get hold of any of the above 10 models immediately.


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