How To Connect The Printer To The Computer?

How To Connect The Printer To The Computer?

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The printer is a device that produces paper copies of electronic data stored on the computer, there are many types of printers: laser printer and 3D printers, and the printer is an external device is connected to the computer, and today we will learn how to connect the printer to the computer through this article.

How to connect the printer to the computer?

There are several types of printers at present, differ in the way they are connected to the computer and also vary depending on the type of computer.

Where there are printers connected to the parallel port and printers connected to the serial port, and there are printers connect to the normal form is a USB connection.

In addition to some modern printers that Can be connected to the computer via Wi-Fi, This type and type of printers with USB are the most prevalent printers in our time, which we will learn how to connect to the computer through several steps.

1 – Identify the printer on a Windows computer:

add printer windows 10

It is very easy to define the printer system on Windows just follow these steps and you will identify the printer on your computer easily, initially approximate the printer from the computer and Run.

Then Make sure it is connected to the computer using the dedicated link, whether it is a USB connection or a parallel cable connection.

Then add the printer from the list of printers to be defined on the device through the Start menu, choose the settings, then choose the printer that you Once you have placed the disc, the machine will automatically display all the steps to follow to make the correct printer definition.

If you have a problem identifying the printer using the identification cylinder, or you have purchased a printer Used, you only need to go to the printer manufacturer’s website along with its version and download the printer driver.

2 – Connect the printer to the Mac:

how to connect printer to computer

The system of connecting printers on the Mac system differs slightly from the Windows system when connecting on the Mac must be the following steps:

1 – Identify the printer through the cylinder definitions with the download of special patches is a step that must be done in the beginning after the development of the cylinder you will find the word download in English Click on it, and then follow all steps to install.

2 – After the definition Add the printer on the list of computer printers, make sure that the installation was done to the fullest, and then put the USB cable for the printer, then the exact internal settings for the printer and make it suitable for you and never print.

If you are experiencing any problem with the printer definition cylinder, click on or the printer is not in the list of printer names on the computer, click on the word sign in the bottom left of the screen and will open a new window, if you are facing a problem in the cylinder you can identify the printer from the manufacturer Without resorting to the cylinder definition.

3 – Connect the Wi-Fi printer to the Windows  system :

How to Add a Printer in Windows 10

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printers can be easily connected to the Windows system, by following the correct steps :

1 – Read the manual of the printer to make sure that you follow the correct rules of operation and deal with it, and if you are having trouble getting the manual you can log on the manufacturer’s website and know the version of the printer and download its manual.

2 – Turn on the printer and make sure good access to electricity and then choose a link from the Internet device in Your home and make sure that there is another link from the computer and preferably the device near the Internet printer.

3 – Open the network or Bluetooth from the printer screen make sure it is fully connected to the Internet.

 4 – There are some types of printers that must be run on the computer at least once before they connect to the computer via the Internet or Bluetooth, and there are some other types that connect from the time to the computer.

After the connection, add the printer name to the printer list on the computer, press the START button, click Settings, then click Add Bluetooth Device and make sure to add the name. If the list does not contain the printer version, choose other devices from the list of options.

After you complete the process of adding and identifying and connecting the printer to the computer, make the internal settings on it to be identical to the service that you want to implement from this wonderful machine.


We all know the importance of this device in our daily lives, but this device there are several ways and steps to deal with it properly, as the extent of its efficiency depends on the right way to connect to the computer, you must know the steps of how to connect the printer to the computer? ,  to get the highest efficiency and the best performance of this The device allows the device to provide you with all the services you need.

And for more about How to Add a Printer in Windows 10 check this video:

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