How Do Fingerprint Scanners Work? (Full Guide)

We are all dealing with fingerprint scanners, which is a technique that many people use when dealing with their mobile phones or electronic devices.

But many people don’t know about the details of this technology well, such as the way it works or the steps taken to get the correct fingerprint.

So, I will talk to you In this article about what is fingerprint scanner technology. 

What Does Finger Scanner Mean?

The technology of fingerprint scanners of modern technology at present, it is the technology of fingerprint identification of the individual to protect the personal profile or information on the electronic devices that deal with it, this technology is called biometric security technology.

Which seeks to use programs or databases of unlimited private data with the product to identify the fingerprint of the individual, the process of finger scanning through a database that allows the individual who uses the product, enter the fingerprint of his own.

Then the devices request fingerprints for the opening, once the person puts a finger The device will scan these fingerprints and match them with fingerprints and check if these fingerprints are in the database or non-existent.

If they are present to scan to optical work, open the device and we will know the steps in detail for this process, which takes place in a fraction of a second.

What Are The Types of Finger Scanners?

1 – Optical scanners:

Not a favorite type of many people in spite of the old, these finger scanners rely on an image, you use certain technology to use and identify this image through some details such as the colors of the image or sharpness.

These scanners are located in smartphones and become stronger by increasing the accuracy of sensors that can Identify your finger with ease which increases the security level of your documents or information.

These also contain small parts so that they can recognize the shape of your finger easily during the dark.

One of the disadvantages in this design is to capture these scanners to a two-dimensional image and not three-dimensional, which facilitates the process of deception because the image is not quality enough to know all the details.

Making these vulnerable to deception just for a picture similar to the image taken, it is a system is not safe at all, the technology has resorted to the development of this feature and the transition to the scanners capacitive.

2 – Capacitive scanners:

One of the best types of finger scanners in our time, and is the most used among the fingerprint ones in the world, because it is the safest among all, and accuracy in the identification of fingerprint with ease, and not easy to deceive, and therefore will be easy to store all your files And your documents safely.

This technology is based on fingerprint recognition through circles to examine the folds in your finger and thus relying on the finger in the formation of the print.

This scanner stores your finger data through its database. After you have identified your finger by simply placing your hands on the scanner you will recognize your finger easily and open your electronic device.

How Does a Fingerprint Scanner Work?

We all know that fingerprints are protruding protrusions in the skin of the skin bordered by depression, and each person has a distinctive shape, and it has been proven that the fingerprint cannot be identical and identical in two people in the world even identical twins originating from one egg.

And these lines leave an impact on all Body touched on particularly smooth surfaces. Therefore, fingerprint identification refers to the mechanism of verification of the conformity of two human fingerprints, and fingerprint is one of the types of biometrics used in identity verification and authentication.

The fingerprint is, therefore, a unique personal sign even in identical twins. Although a peek at two fingerprints may turn out to be the same, a professional investigator or advanced program can detect the difference. This is the basic idea of fingerprint analysis in both protection and crime investigation.

Many current scanners can accurately distinguish fingerprints, and it is never easy to fool them or use similar images.

These simulate the optical performance of a human analyst by taking a fingerprint sample and comparing it to other samples in the registry.

The optical products were a cornerstone of spy and science fiction films and, until recently, were considered a particular technique in the real world.

In the past few years, this technology has begun to appear everywhere, in police stations, high-security buildings, and even on a computer keyboard. You can now buy a fingerprint scanner in very small amounts so you have high biometric technology, instead of a password to access your device.

In addition to this scanner, many wonderful scanners must be highlighted are receipt scanners, They perform many tasks such as keeping the books, and reduce the time and effort in tracking documentary information and read receipts.


After knowing how fingerprint scanners perform, you can choose the preferred method and type of finger scanners to save your data and personal documents in a more secure way.

All in all, buying phones or electronic devices that provide you with a non-duplicate print and difficult to deceive in all ways. 

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