How To Choose Printer? (Full Buying Guide) 2019

It is not easy at all to choose the right printer, the right choice depends on several factors, including whether the required product needs laser or ink or the purpose for which you bought the printer for there are a lot of choices and brands in front of you, which pertain for printers, we will know together with this article. It is only how to choose printer for you. 

1- Determine the purpose of the printer:

Determine the appropriate purpose of the printer and what tasks you want to perform using the printer. Or, you need a printer to be able to print colors, whether black and white or any other color.

If you work inside the office, for example, you inevitably need a laser printer to be able to print papers well as you want a good scanner with it, it must have a memory card peruser in it and the ability to print pictures straight off your memory cards?

2 – Know the required tasks of the printer:

Know the job required from the printer and accordingly determine the type of printer or its strength or accessories that will be added to. it to carry out the task to the fullest.

If the task is to print documents and papers from time to time or simple spreadsheets or web pages, you just need to laser printer, If you need to print high-quality photographs or presentations of a product, then you need a professional and high-quality photo printer.

If you want to start an integrated business or display a product, you only need a scanner, copier, and fax machine to start your business, so you’ll need a multifunction printer to save on. 

3 – Consider the following factors:

There are many factors to consider for choosing the right printer that will achieve your desired goal at the highest accuracy, including:

1) Labor costs:

You must know the details of the work and all the operating costs and what is the cost required to start the work?.

From here begin to take into account the costs of paper and ink so that you will make a reserve for these components and you will buy them in large quantities.

You must know what is the final cost of all these items? Whether this cost will exceed the cost of the printer over a year of operation or not.

2) Speed in performance:

It is better in determining the size of the publications to be printed and save as well as the type of publications and so will acquire the appropriate printer for printing as quickly and best performance.

Determining the size of these publications will help you know how many pages per minute you need to print? Thus, determine the appropriate printer that does the work and provides this number of pages during a minute.

3) Quality prints:

What distinguishes the printer from its other printers is the quality, how do we judge the printer that it is of high quality? We can judge this by knowing the number of points covered by the printer per inch.

On average, the average quality printer covers 1440 points per inch. There are high-quality printers that cover more than that, depending on the price you specify to buy the printer or the purpose to be covered.

4) Print version type:

At first, you know what kind of prints you are going to print on paper, manuscripts, transparencies, or cards.

In addition to the knowledge that the inkjet printer does not support the print brent and therefore a laser printer is selected to support this, this factor is very important to determine the appropriate printer.

5) Image quality processing:

If you are going to print high-quality photos, you can use color printers will contribute to getting the best quality.

As the processing of images requires great power, so you must enjoy the memory of the computer enjoy the pulse printers with high memory you draw the image inside before printing to provide you Lots of processing precision allowing it to handle large files.

6) Flexibility:

Pick and save on a modern printer to support the USB feature and be flexible so that it can learn with the types of Windows as well as all operating systems to allow you to easily get what you require the highest quality and accuracy.

7) Compare the stores to make the right decision to buy:

After determining the requirements for printing as well as the types of publications you want as well as know the quality and accuracy required for implementation you can determine your price side.

Then never browse the sites for printers to compare prices and pick printers that match your physical possibilities such as PC Magazine and PC Word then read User reviews to find out the industry problems or defects that you will encounter when buying this product and know the features of this printer and how to deal with it.

At the end of the article, I would like to send you some important tips on how to choose the printer, which is not rush to buy the printer because each printer works appropriate and suitable quality. and the way of work is different from its counterparts from printers, so take the time and know the characteristics required by the nature of your work and browse the sites of purchase Well before making the right decision to buy. 


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