How to Print on Cardstock?

How to Print on Cardstock?

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Cardstock is a type of heavy paper than the usual paper which we use with printers. There are many uses for Cardstock, you can use to print photos, scrapbooking items, paper dolls, greeting cards, etc… and man other things that we can use for Cardstock so today we will show you How to Print on Cardstock easily.

what’s the meaning of cardstock?

This type of paper is the strongest ever, it is much thicker and stronger than the normal papers that we use in schools or in our daily activities such as printing black and white.

These are called stock cards with a sticky board or paper cover, and is used in the manufacture of cards, and can be used in the work of Boxes.

Knowing that its thickness is a bit of flexibility and elasticity is not as thick as the thickness of Canson paper, and these types vary in quality with different prices.

But, in general, is thicker than ordinary paper and it is better in quality and the thickness of this paper about 12 pt, these papers vary for the general papers.

This type of paper can be used in technical projects as well as used in many industries such as business cards, postcards, playing cards, and many other uses that require more quality paper than paper.

Now, you can rely on this type of paper basically and not secondary and there are several types of these cards stock.

As you should be sure when you buy these cards from seeing you to all the formations of a group because it may come with a beautiful or unwanted formations Guardian or English words written on paper lewd completely and in this case, we can not use them in gift packaging.

Picking cardstock is simple and fun on the off chance that you know some things about cardstock and you’re willing to play around with the procedure.

Picking cardstock is simple and fun on the off chance that you know some things about cardstock and you’re willing to play around with the procedure.

Choosing the privilege cardstock includes a touch of experimentation that is better done on the definite printer you’ll be utilized to print your solicitations.

As opposed to focusing on finding the correct wedding paper, just locate the one that is the correct weight and surface for your printer.

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How to Print on Cardstock at Home?

printing on cardstock
  1. Alter paper plate. Go to ‘Printer and Devices’ and select ‘Paper Handling’ on the menu. Parchment and select “Substantial” or “Card Stock” on the “Plate” menu.
  2. Change printer settings. Snap-on the report to be printed. Snap-on the “Print” alternative to open the exchange box for settings. Snap-on “Properties” >> “Paper Quality >> “Card Stock”. Snap “alright”.
  3. Feed the paper. Spot card stocks on the paper plate. Try not to surpass the suggested number of sheets. Ensure all papers are of similar width and stature. Modify paper feeder and adjust.
  4. Run a test print.

Tips for printing at home:

printing on cardstock at home
  1. Set your printer to a high caliber. Ensure your printer is set to “photograph” or “high” quality to get the crispest, most expert looking solicitations
  2. Utilize finished cardstock. Since inkjet printing can here and there look somewhat “fluffy”, I like to utilize finished cardstock to shroud a portion of the blemishes. My preferred finished cardstock is this material stock from Paper and the sky is the limit from there. It looks simply like cloth texture and it will give your solicitations the most flawlessly finished completion.
  3. Begin at 80# and stir your way up. I talk about weight somewhat later in the post, however simply realize that the heavier the cardstock, the more expert your welcomes will look. Regularly 120# is the highest quality level for wedding solicitations however your home printer may experience serious difficulties taking care of paper that thick. So I prescribe beginning at 80# and stirring your way up to something to the tune of 100-120#, if conceivable.

Types of cardstock :

how to print cardstock

1- cotton cardstock

It is the preferred type of printing using laser, and is also a safe material for images, which will preserve the image, which makes us retain more time as possible compared to other types, due to its soft texture, so it is involved in the manufacture of wedding invitations This type looks more professional than other types and this distinguishes it For any other type, but also the most expensive of them, and you have the following colors white, ivory, and grey so these colors will govern your choice and this is among the disadvantages and determine but it is the most appropriate and the most perfect colors for classical invitations.

2- linen cardstock

This type carries many colors but it is simply not the same degree of professional cotton stock cards, but it is best suited to hide defects or quality problems that you may encounter during printing at home and it is available at prices that suit everyone, unlike cotton stock cards, this type looks like a shiny linen fabric, which makes it able to draw attention even to simple invitations besides that it can hide imperfections.

3- Canvas Cardstock

This type is also able to hide imperfections if you print inside the house like linen but thicker, and also gives you this kind of many colors at affordable prices and although it is thicker but it is thin it can be used in printing despite its thickness it gives a look Shiny and gives aesthetic touch and is of good quality.

4- Parchment

If you love classics you will use this type, this card is very old so it is the most suitable for wedding cards, it is characterized by a transparent marble appearance as well as the gloss, and the most important characteristic of these cards that they can be paired with cotton cards and you can buy them cheaper Prices are cheaper than linen cards and are available in pastel and brown colors.

5- Felt Cardstock

This type is the best in the world of cards, it is a combination of cloth and cotton, is characterized by the maximum degree of smoothness, as it is ideal for all home printers, gives a kind of development and update of the cards are very similar in terms of characteristics and price with cotton stock cards.

6- kraft cardstock

This type of cards are recycled cards, spread widely in recent times, and are thicker and more fluid, and is the best choice for outdoor wedding cards, and available in a variety of colors as they come at reasonable prices and add something of beauty and difference.

7- vellum cardstock

This type of card is the most beautiful of all, it is a set of transparencies that combine together to put on the work of art, which gives him an attractive scientific touch and sharp clarification because they are transparent but when you start to do so put this type on thicker paper, This type adds more depth to  the image.

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