3 Tips to Care For & Protect Your Car Paint

If you’re anything like us then the paint job of your vehicle is something special to you. It’s kind of like a double-edged sword. If your paint is in great condition it can really make your car stand out. But, if it’s in a rough state it can make a good car look way worse … Read more

6 Best Rust Converters on The Market— Buying Guide

Rust is a problem that most metal tools encounter as they age. The traditional methods of rust removal and prevention usually do more harm than good. By vigorously stripping the rust out you weaken the underlying metal. Additionally, you do nothing to prevent the formation of new rust. With the old methods of rust control, … Read more

11 Best Windshield Washer Fluids on the Market

We all want our windshields to be clean and stay clean as long as possible. Washer fluids for windshields aren’t that expensive, but they come in different formulations and concentration levels. You need to know all these before picking one for your car. The Rain-X RX11806D-8PK Washer Fluid Additive is the best washer fluid you … Read more