How to Connect Printer to Computer — MAC & Windows

how to connect computer to printer

So you bought a new printer. Is it a wireless, Wi-Fi enabled printer? Does it have a cable to plug into your Windows PC or MAC? We’re here to guide you on how to connect printer to computer, both with a cable or wirelessly. There are several types of printers on the market, all differing … Read more

Best Printer For Teachers (Color) Buying Guide

best color printer for teachers

Printers are one of the most important peripheral devices that students must have. But did you know that printers can also prove to be invaluable for teachers? Yes, teachers need printers too to help with their teaching. That’s why it is important to get the best color printer for teachers. Not only will it allow … Read more

Best Printer With Refillable Ink Cartridges

Best Printer With Refillable Ink Cartridges 2019

 A good printer with refillable cartridges, representing the basic structure for printing, many of us may get used to printing using laser printers, but more recently it has been possible to use the so-called inkjet printer, how to choose the best printer with refillable ink cartridges through this article. Product Quick Compare This epson printer … Read more

Best Printer for Printing Checks [The Complete Guide]

best printer for printing checks 2019

A good printer for printing checks saves a lot of time and cost, as most businessmen bear a lot of costs per month. Because they buy checks from the Internet or stores, especially when they constantly need these checks, but what if there are printers at lower costs that can print your checks. This is what we … Read more